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Save Thousands in Home Business Tax Deductions

Last night I did a webinar with Sandy Botkin on how to save money with largely unknown Home Business Tax Deductions. This is not an exaggeration, this is seriously one of the best and most pertinent webinar you could watch all year. In it he guarantees you save at least $200 in the next 30 days in tax deductions by following his advice.

Many Home Business Tax Deductions I Did Not Know About

I used to think I was at least fairly savvy on what I could write off and how but Sandy Botkin blew my mind last night. There are so many areas I have been missing for years. On top of that, I have been keeping these crazy paper trails that totally suck to go through at tax time.

Sandy made it dead brain easy showing how new distributors cannot afford to quit their network marketing business due to all the home business tax deductions. The powerful thing about our industry is ANYONE can be a prospect (as long as you document it).

Smart Phone App to Manage All Home Business Tax Deductions

After Sandy shared a bunch of ways to save on home business taxes, he also shared a smart phone app called “Taxbot”. Taxbot is a killer new iPhone app that I immediately downloaded and got setup. Taxbot prompts you all the questions the IRS would ask, it even tracks your GPS mileage (awesome).

Who is Sandy Botkin?

Sandy Botkin is a CPA, Tax Attorney. Sandy has been training millions of small businesses how to get their home business tax deductions down to the legal limit for over 30 years. He teaches tax reduction at Donald Trump and Tony Robbins wealth seminars and is a bestselling author of the book “Lower Your Taxes Big Time” and several other bestselling business books.

Sandy is a frequent guest tax expert on NBC, ABC, Fox, and CNN. As a young man, Sandy worked for the IRS training their corporate tax lawyers before joining a big 5 accounting firm. After three years he left that firm to start his own company. His sole passion today is to educate small business people about the huge home business tax deductions available to them and do it in a fun and entertaining way. He has earned the reputation as the number one tax expert for small business and home based business owners in North America.

Here is the Replay (Again, one of the most powerful webinars I have ever been on)


To see this new iPhone app in action, Go Here

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