Sales Tips for the Introvert

Greetings again from Maui and today I have helpful sales tips for the Introvert!

Watch the below short video to learn how to make more money if you are introverted.

Our Trip To Maui so far

Yesterday we went hiking on the Lake loop of the village walking trail and went snorkeling in Kapalua Bay, then for dinner we had amazing sushi at Sansei! Great day and excited for another one today!

Sales Tips for the Introverted

My two biggest tips are in the video below but here are some more for you:

– Understand that you have to CHOOSE to be the Introvert. Being introverted is NOT a disease, it is a state of mind that you can choose to turn off if you want.

– If you classify yourself as the introvert, you can learn better ways of prospecting that aren’t face to face, such as my wife’s Facebook prospecting training (you can watch it for free here)

– Get around activities or groups that will have you get more practice at talking in front of others. A lot of times the introvert is NOT introverted but just not practiced at talking to others. Mastermind groups, speech classes, toastmasters and other activities or groups can help you get your confidence up by getting more practice.

Video: Help for the Introvert!

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