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With so much focus on marketing & prospecting, learning how to follow up can often be overlooked – but it’s super important.

Today I’m sharing a training I did from a past live event where we dove into the correct way to follow up to increase your sales rate.

How To Follow Up After Sending Your Sales Material

Prospecting is a science as it is, but following up after sending your materials can be even more intimidating and equally as important.

If you’re not following up, you’re losing so much traction and potential customers.

If you follow up, but do it incorrectly, you also are pushing away potential business unknowingly.

Learning how to follow up in sales correctly is crucial for so many different reasons.

  1. You will continue to build your relationship with the prospect for future products/services.
  2. You will practice following up for yourself.
  3. And of course, your closing rate will increase.

Click the video below to watch a quick training on how to follow up with prospects after sending over your sales material, and let me know in the comments below if this has worked for you.

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Need help closing your leads?

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