prospecting successful peopleAre you trying to recruit up and approach successful people?

Here I share my top 2 secrets for recruiting people who will run and help you build an MASSIVE team.

2 Secret Rules For Prospecting Successful People

Now, I’ll be honest, recruiting successful people was actually my specialty.

I recruited a lot of financial planners, realtors, investors. I’ve done just a lot of business owners and restaurant owners.

Because to me, it just made sense. When I was in foreclosure and dead broke I would recruit up.

Why To Recruit Up

Now most people, when they join network marketing company, they think, “Okay, who really needs to make some money?”

And they look down, right?

“Who’s worse off than I am? Well, you know what, my brother-in-law, he’s broke and living on the coach. Let me prospect him, because he really needs this.”

That wouldn’t be my first choice. Because most people that are in that space aren’t hungry. They’re needy, but not hungry.

And that’s nothing. I mean, I was dead broke. At one point I lived on my buddy’s couch. At one point I was on the WIC checks. So, no judgment.

But most of the people that are really down on their luck are needy, not hungry.

Hungry means I’m willing to put in the work to go get what I want. It’s very different than needy.

I really need money VS “Man, I’m really hungry, teach me coach, put me in coach, show me the way. Show me how to go get what I want in my life.”

That’s different.

2 Rules For Prospecting Successful People

When it comes to approaching successful professional people, there are 2 rules.

  1. Don’t hype them
  2. Be straight forward

Now, I just want to make you aware, that because they’re successful and professional, they’ve been approached before.

And they’ve probably been approached with hype, and with people not being straight forward with them. I would be very straight forward with, or I was really straight forward with them.

So I would just say things like:

 “Hey, listen. I look up to you and I respect you. I know that you’re successful in your business. And I know that you’re a very connected person. And again, I really respect you. Listen, I’m doing this side project, and I have no idea, literally no idea if it’s a fit for you or not, but I would love to show it to you if you’re open to it. If you’re not even open to it, take a look. I totally understand. I get it. But I respect you. I would love to share it with you if you’d like. And if you’re open to taking a look, let me share it.”

See If They Are Open and Give Them An Out

And so, notice all the different elements of my language. I’m seeing if they’re open and I’m giving them an out (which is a rule of all prospecting).

You should NEVER prospect anyone (through Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, text, face-to-face, anything), and not see if they’re open, give them an out. Okay? Just don’t do it. ALL prospecting should include that.

Now with a successful person, I did add in that I really respect them. You may say, “I’d love to get your take on something.” You could say that, that’s a sign of respect.

Giving them the out, is so powerful.

 “I have no idea if this is a fit for you or not. If you’re open to it, great. If not, I totally understand.”

So, being straight forward with them.

Just Because They Have Money Doesn’t Mean They Will Join

I didn’t say, “Hey, you got the money, you should join my business.” That’s just dumb. Yeah, just because they have the money, they should give you money? No. That will get you disqualified faster than almost anything. And I’ve had people come to me, “Hey man, you can afford it, buy one of my fast R kits.”

Even if I wanted your fast R kit, I will never buy from you. If that’s your approach, the, “Hey you got enough, so give me some,” I’ll never buy from you, ever.

You’re now on a list of people they never want to see again. And no one’s telling you this stuff, because they’re not going to say it.

They’re going to say, “Oh, no thanks.” And in their head, they’re like, “You’re now dead to me.”

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Have A Look VS Join My Thing

And notice what else I did, I push them to have a look, not join.

I didn’t go to them and say, “Hey man, I’d love for you to join my team. Hey I’d love for you to buy my product.” No.

They’re not ready to join any team, or buy any product. They don’t know anything about it. And so, sell the thing that sells the thing. So push them to a presentation. Push them to a video, to a magazine, to an article.

Sell The Thing That Sells The Thing

Push them to whatever sales tool that you have. Don’t push them to purchase. Don’t push them to join.

So, if you have a video that does an overview, sell them on the idea of watching the video.

And the video will do the work for you. The video will tell them if it’s a fit or not.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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