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Robert Mercado and How to Make More Sales


Robert Mercado is a super savvy marketer and product creator.

He was the number one affiliate in our Top Earner Academy contest last year and today you can learn how he makes so many sales.

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What I love about Robert Mercado…

This guy is a hustler and for anyone that may have a negative connotation to the word hustler, DON’T. This dude works his butt off and has worked VERY hard to get to where he is and he has an incredible story. I’ve seen him totally smoke other much bigger marketers in affiliate contests and he does it by smartness but also with a ruthless work ethic.

He also ALWAYS happens to have interesting projects going on, I recently got his Friendsweeper program to help clean up my Facebook friends list and it is pretty dang cool. No idea how he does this super-cool software stuff but I certainly enjoy using it!

My Interview with Robert

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