Read this for a different slant on wealth tips, this is how to stay broke.

Some may learn from this article in a different way than a standard wealth building tips article.

Some Interesting Definitions to Help with these Wealth Tips

I looked up some definitions that you may find interesting:

Poor – lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.

Average, One of the definitions is – mediocre; not very good

Interesting right? Who wants to be average? Probably no one right?

This article may challenge you but I am willing to bet it will get you thinking and I hope it gets you thinking of solutions to the problem and the fact that at any time you can change your life from average to extraordinary!

Reverse Success Tips – Guaranteed Ways to Stay Broke

WARNING: My goal is to get you think and to see that maybe a change in the way you think is needed. Know that I don’t believe being broke or being poor is a permanent situation, in fact I love what JK Rowling said: “Rock bottom became the foundation on which I built my life” so instead of thinking someone is picking on you, choose to believe that someone actually believes that anyone can accomplish anything from wherever they are.

Here’s a Short List of Ways to Stay Broke

1. Have a negative energy toward money. Choose to believe that all rich people are bad and they must have lied and cheated to get to where they are and how you are morally superior for being broke. This will make you feel good of course, being morally superior to those greedy fat cats. It will however, keep you broke. Click To Tweet

2. Never invest in your education. I mean, come on, we all have access to Google right? We can just find whatever we need out for free right? This logic definitely makes sense until you realize that usually free is the most expensive option as it isn’t complete nor detailed enough to show you how to do something AND it takes you way more time to search to find your answers than going through an actual course. Free content online is typically good to be used as a movie trailer, gives the gist of how the trainer works but certainly doesn’t satisfy you like watching the full movie. Click to Tweet

3. Avoid all company events. You are pumped up and motivated already right? Who needs the expense of airfare, hotel, rental cars, etc? This logic works perfectly if you are at the exact rank you want to be at and the exact income too. Just curious, when do you hire a tutor? When you have an A+ or when you want the good grade but don’t have it yet? Click To Tweet

4. Utilize that Refund Policy, always! This is key to staying broke and is one of the best reverse wealth tips. IF you are wishing you had more buyers or YOUR product, service or opportunity, being a constant refunder will ensure you attract the same category of buyer…either one that doesn’t ever actually buy or one that quits or cancels. Click to Tweet

5. Be a Know it all. There are a lot of people out there that seemed to have heard all motivational training and inspiration, in fact, when you give them a tip, they say, yeah, I know, however, they never actually use any of this knowledge they supposedly possess. So stay broke by being a know it all, it will make you feel superior to those “event attenders” too. Click to Tweet

6. Have lots of “one year careers”. The late great Mark Yarnell said “There is a big difference between (10) 1 year careers and (1) 10 year career. The best way to stay broke is to keep starting over in new companies thereby greatly reducing any quality people that believed in you and proliferating the idea that you are a company hopper. I say this one out of love, it is TOUGH to keep restarting, pick slowly but once you pick, stick till completion or a helluva reason to leave. Click to Tweet

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Want to hear something funny? I used to embody every one of the above “stay broke” traits. Seriously, no joke, I was afflicted with all six of them…and I was broke. This is why I KNOW those traits will keep you broke because it wasn’t until I changed the above (and other areas) that my life changed for the better.

The hard truth about number 5 is if you REALLY want to know what you actually know, just look at your results.

How much do you know about making money? Look at your bank account and net worth. Harsh, but true. So long as you realize that all results are temporary, you can change all of your results by changing your habits and I hope this article helped you understand that one point.

By the way, if you want a great set of success tips, just do the exact opposite of the suggestions above =)

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