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Reflecting on Best Use of Time as a Home Based Entrepreneur

The good thing about being a fulltime home based entrepreneur is you get full control of your time. You don’t have to punch a clock, you don’t have to fight traffic, you don’t have to dread Monday, and  you don’t have to work with people you would rather not. The bad thing about being a fulltime home based entrepreneur is you have full control of your time and sometimes we do not use that time in the right way. Let me share with you my favorite use of time and how it has affected all the other things that I do.

Today was one of the best uses of my time ever

So this morning I did what I do every morning and that is I took my kids to school. I have two sons, Brandon and Ethan. Brandon is 13 and has long hair (which drives me crazy but hey, he likes it) and Ethan, 11 (my little comedian). Ethan is in the 5th grade and has to be at school by 8am whereas Brandon is in the 7th grade and doesn’t have to be in until later. So, I drop off Ethan and then have breakfast every morning with Brandon.

There was a time when I could not even comprehend having the ability to take them to school. Now, I cannot imagine it any differently. I never take this for granted and am always grateful. I used to work so many damn hours for my family which kept me away from them, now, I get to spend more time than ever with them and have the finances to do much better experiences as well.

Being a Home Based Entrepreneur wasn’t ALWAYS Easy…

When I started working from home I did not know how to manage my time, what chores made sense to do, how much time I should study but I kept moving forward anyway. I have always been technically challenged, I recall spending two hours getting a damn URL to be clickable (yes, I can be that slow). I always kept my eye on the prize of showing my kids a better way and living a life that I was proud of, so can you…

Proud of my son, Ethan

Check out my picture to the left. That is the AR (active reading) points from Ethan’s class. Yes, the huge bar that spans two pages is for my son. He had the top points in his class by far. Ethan is someone that used to struggle with reading in fact when he was young they thought he was a slow learner. Now, he is top in his grade for reading and was given several really cool awards today at his school, which, because of being a home based entrepreneur that chooses when and where I spend my time, was able to attend. I am proud to say that I have not missed an award ceremony in many years.

Why the turnaround for Ethan? I fully believe it is because I have been able to spend just a little bit more time with him and I also have a very unique reading program with him and my other son. I read one of their books and in return, they read one of mine! Check it out, I read books such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc and this is the list of books that one or both of my sons have read so far:
– Secret Code of Success by Noah St John
– How to win friends and influence people
– The compound effect by Darren Hardy
– Greatest Salesman in the world by Og Mandino
and Brandon is currently reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad!

Stuck Being a Struggling Home Based Entrepreneur?

Spending more time with my kids is the greatest use of my time. If you have kids, and you are struggling to become that fulltime home based entrepreneur, keep going, it is worth it. You and they deserve a powerful life with you, one that you and they are proud of. If you want them to have a more powerful life, show them what you are willing to do to make it happen for them and you. I know you can do it 🙂

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