recruiting through social mediaEver wonder the best way to get results by recruiting through Social Media?

There are right ways and wrongs ways to do recruiting online, today we share the right way.

Social Media Recruiting WORKS..if done right

My wife is the trainer in our house that teaches recruiting through social media, there are some things that I just recognize she is better at training than I am and social media recruiting is one of them.

Today’s show features a diamond client of ours, Terry Gremaux. We have been working with Terry the last few years and have seen him grow from working as a store manager making $35,000 a year to a multiple six figure a year business that was mainly built through social media.

In the below video he shares tips and strategies with you to get more people on social media to watch your company presentation and for YOU to get more results by recruiting through social media. If you’d like more training from Terry on social media recruiting, you can check out his training here

In the below training Terry teaches you the biggest factor when using social media for recruiting and how to overcome when people aren’t doing what you want them to do and more.

Recruiting Through Social Media

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