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Should you spend time recruiting employees or only go after professionals who are socially connected?

Here’s a clip from a training day where I share the secret to recruiting the best reps.

Is It Worth It To Recruit Employees?

So question is, if you have someone who’s recruiting a lot of people that are employees, should you get them to recruit more professionals who are more connected?

Honestly, if someone’s good at that, I don’t change who they recruit.

I say keep doing that.

By the way, Angel Fletcher does that and makes a couple million dollars a year. Where someone is from has zero indication of if they create success or not.

Now, the key in team building, is desire.

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Desire Is The Key

And I mean real desire, not verbal desire. “Oh, I want to be a millionaire.”

I mean desire.

Desire of, “I’m going to run through walls, and I know there’s barbed wire on the other side, and I’m going to keep running anyway. I know I’ll lose one leg. We’ll keep … We’ll make it happen.”

Right? They know that there’s going to be obstacles there. They know that it’s not going to be easy. And, they know it’s not going to be overnight, and they’re going to go make it happen despite, despite all that.

And so, certainly, some of the top earners in the universe started as employees.

I’m saying my personal preference was I liked recruiting professionals. I like recruiting business owners because it was a personal preference.

However, is there a large, or even distinguishable difference between me recruiting a business owner, professional, or someone else recruiting an employee, of which one created more success financially or in the comp plan? Not really.

I’ve seen people who had everything stacked against them. They shouldn’t have succeeded. But, they did anyway, because they had that desire. They kept showing up.

What To Teach Your Recruiter

A lot of times you’ll get a super recruiter. Someone who just, they can just fricking recruit. There’s a few things that I would teach them.

1. Follow The System & Plug People In

Follow a system and to plug people into the system.

They may or may not be the greatest at supporting, but at least plug them into the system so people can get into the Facebook group, they can get access to the fast start training, they can get access to the training archive if you have that, they’re able to ask questions to somebody, they know how to get ahold of support.

2. Leadership

The speed of your duplication is not indicative of your leadership.

So, super recruiters will often self sabotage.

They’ll go out there, they’ll make a bunch of sales, and then at some point they take their foot off the gas and they kind of look, they check their gauges. They check their gauges. Checking your gauges can be dangerous if you have an emotional attachment to them.  So keeping that foot on the gas, good idea. Stopping, checking your gauges and being emotionally attached to the gauges, concerning.

And so they go out, they recruit a bunch of people, take their foot off the gas, stop recruiting, look at how many people they recruited, see that there’s not much duplication, and then they start to say, “Well, man, I’m not doing a good job as a leader.”

You don’t know the desire level of the people that you recruit. There are people out there that recruited one person that went out and crushed it.

Benefits Of Network Marketing

So when I was in the corporate world, like I said, I had no way to create freedom. How was I going to create freedom? If I go up the org chart, they demand more. They pay me more, but they demand more. I miss more soccer games. I miss more of the kids’ school activities. Right? Spend more time in the cubicle. Make a little bit more money. Not enough money to stock away a bunch, but you know, keep at that for years and years and years, I guess.

So, keep at that for decades, that’s my path to freedom? You can hand someone network marketing, and if they have the desire and they’re coachable, they can, on a part-time basis, create a residual income that eclipses what they make in their job.

Will everyone? Definitely not.

See, where I was, it wasn’t possible.

Most people you run into, it’s not possible for them to create time freedom. It’s not possible.

How are they going to do it? Work harder? Start a business in their basement? I mean, yeah, we hear those great stories, and they’re awesome. It’s always possible. And now, you know, entrepreneur used to be kind of a negative word. It was like, “Oh, you’re an entrepreneur. In between jobs, are ya?” It wasn’t a great word, until the wonderful Shark Tank came along. Now everybody’s an entrepreneur, right? Everyone’s creating apps.

But if you really pay attention to the pitches on Shark Tank… “I’ve worked at this for the last 20 years and, yeah, you can have half of my business. I need that money, man. Need it for supply, supply chain management, human resources, trademarks, getting into the right category, getting through the gatekeepers.”

There’s so much stuff to you starting a business on your own versus learn how to be an entrepreneur, learn all of the things that you can through network marketing, because you realize, in network marketing, you really have one function and that’s just to point to a presentation.

You’re just like, “Hey. Watch the video. Here it is.” You’re not shipping anything. You’re not cutting checks. You’re not dealing . You don’t have the org chart of who’s on the support staff today. You don’t have to deal with any of that. All you have to do is just point to the presentation. And if you learn that, pretty powerful in a very low risk, low overhead kind of environment.

Did you find that helpful?

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