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Just switched companies and not sure how to brand yourself?

If you are in a new company, here’s the step by step guide to marketing your product or service on social media.

Essential Guide To Marketing In A New Network Marketing Niche

What if you were in a network marketing company of a particular category and you’re going to a different company with a different category?

So, it could be health and wellness to travel, travel to health and wellness, it could be candles to makeup, could be skin care to hair care, whatever.

If you’ve been following what we teach in here, if you’ve been following what we teach in here, it’s a lot easier than if you haven’t.

Some people screw this part up. Because I’ll tell ya, a lot of trainers and gurus, they learn social media from other sources, from people outside of network marketing, and they absorb it and then they teach it to network marketers, and that’s a mistake.

Do you know why?

Let’s say that a social media guru is wanting to sell their book. And so to sell their book, what do they have to do?

They have to show you that they’re credible, that they know what the hell they’re talking about, right? So they have to kind of impress you.

So, the network marketing trainer studies a social media guru outside of network marketing. And so they learn what that person teach, which, what do they teach? They teach impressing people, they teach credibility, they teach, you gotta be the expert.

That’s a mistake in network marketing.


Well, if you want to build an empire, and not just sell things, then the people that you bring in need to believe that they can do what you do.

Do you understand that?

If you are out to impress everyone on your credibility and how awesome you are, then how many people believe they can do it?

No one.

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Network Marketing Is Very Different Than A Sales Job

Network marketing is very different from any kind of sales.

So if I’m selling a car, would it be okay for me to tell you the whatever, the cubic inches of the engine or how fast it goes zero to 60, or the space-age polymer plastic on the spoiler. (I don’t know anything about cars. I’m making all this stuff up.)

But if I’m selling you a car, would it be okay for me to tell you all about the car and appear as a car expert? Sure.

Do you know why? Because I’m not teaching you to sell cars.

If I was teaching you to sell cars, then I would wanna use a tool or something. I would wanna say, “Yeah, all you do is get people on this video and it explains the car. Anyone can do it.” Right? That’s network marketing.

So the difference in all other sales.

Most network marketing trainers learn sales from other social media gurus outside of our profession. With that happening, you’re thinking, “Oh, I gotta be an expert. I don’t know if I can be an expert, though. I don’t know.”

The best people to build network marketing are the ones that have the most reliability and aren’t super impressive and credible, that don’t blow you away with their credentials.

How To Market Your Product or Service on Social Media

Start talking about the benefits of the health and wellness company. You start talking about the benefits of the travel. Don’t brand the company, you don’t brand the product, you don’t drop your sign-up link. You seek for conversations more than conversions.

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“Hey, gang, I just wanna share with you today that a lot of you have noticed that I’ve had more energy than lately. Whoo! And the reason is, I’ve started taking this new product and man, it’s amazing. And if you’d like to learn more, feel free to reach out to me.”

I’m not drinking it and showing the label. I don’t have it in the background with a sticker. I wanna make them curious.

Here’s a script from our NEW Book, Freakishly Effective Social Media For Network Marketing:

“Congratulations to Susie, who just earned a brand new BMW. Susie was a kindergarten teacher who wanted to spend more time at home with her family, so she sought out a home-based business. She now works full-time from home and is driving her dream car. So proud of this amazing woman. Way to go.” Right? And you can make it way simpler. You can make it way simpler. “Hey, my friend Judy is a stay-at-home mom that is now making an extra 100 bucks a week. Way to go, girl.”

Did I mention company? Did I mention product, drop a sign-up link? Or did I even put a call to action to ask me for more?

No. I just dropped the most curiosity-raising element. And people are like, “What is it?”

And, they have no way to find out because if you’re following the marketing methods in this, then you’re gonna create more conversations. More people that want to hear from YOU!

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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