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Salesmen Suck at Building a
Network Marketing Business Opportunity

OK, OK, I know that is a strong statement. Listen, I love salespeople, I really do, but, one of the things that gives your network marketing business opportunity a bad name is too many people acting as salespeople. Taking a different approach is actually better AND EASIER than having to be a master salesperson.

Below is a video that illustrates what I mean:


Also, As most salespeople have been trained to work for money right now, versus cashflow, you want to make sure you understand that a network marketing business opportunity is a long term deal. Robert Kiyosaki says those who flipped houses, sold big ticket items, rode the stock market, etc all worked for capital gains and have suffered whereas those who worked for cashflow have fared much better in this economy.

So if you have been hesitant to join a network marketing business opportunity due to your lack of sales experience, GET OVER IT!

MLM is not about chasing, begging, bugging people or being master salespeople, it’s simply about inviting people and seeing who wants to go to work!

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