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The REAL Secret to Recruiting your Warm Market


This post will really enlighten you about recruiting your warm market.

It just may reveal why so many get frustrated and what to do about it to build your business.

Recruiting Your Warm Market?

Should you even bother recruiting your warm market? Well, it depends. If you don’t want to work with them, no. However, some of my very best business builders came from my warm market and the fact is IF you care about them, then you should AT LEAST approach them about what you have going on.

One of the big keys to getting better at recruiting your warm market is giving up on your addiction to the outcome. IF they tell you no, you should NOT pressure, bug, beg, chase or get weird on them. Just know that it isn’t the right time, ask for referrals and move along your day. Act like you just asked them if they wanted a sandwich and they told you no, there is serious power in breaking the addiction of results and falling in love with the process.

Video: The Big Secret to Warm Market Results

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