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The Real Secret of Getting Motivated


As of yesterday I have learned that I have a major flaw when I train about getting motivated.

Check out my notes from Brendon Burchard’s Motivation Manifesto course to see what I mean.

My Struggle with Helping Others “Get Motivated”

For years I have taught that you just cannot help others with “getting motivated” and instead you needed to inspire them with your actions. The most common place that I hear about people wanting to help others with getting motivated is in regards to their network marketing team so they will ask questions like “How do I motivate my team” or “How can I get those guys doing SOMETHING?” to which I have always replied you CAN’T motivate them, you can only inspire them with your actions.

I can now offer better advice. Although I still agree with inspiring others with your actions as the number one solution, I now believe the best way to cause an internal flame is to help others hear the examples of those who are pursuing their personal freedom through their actions. Real motivation, most definitely comes from within but you can help stir that within-ness via the display of personal freedom pursuit stories. This is, in my opinion, the number one reason network marketers cannot afford not to go to their company events.

It is ALWAYS motivation that makes us do things. It is the driver. We have to do whatever we possibly can to stay plugged into this mysterious set of chemicals that keep us (or get us) motivated. Let me help some more…

My Notes from Brendon’s Free Course

Unless you are brand new to my blog or email list, you know that one trainer that has had a major impact on me is Brendon Burchard. Right now he has a special on his site where you can get his about to be released hardcover book called Motivation Manifesto shipped to you by just covering a small shipping charge AND as a totally free bonus, you get his 12 week course for FREE.

Yesterday I started going through this course and although I already love his other books and I have paid a lot of money for his other courses, I was unsure how good this “Free course” would be…

The dude is a beast. This free course is incredible and I wanna share some of my notes with you, just from week one of the course! (You can follow along by covering shipping of his new book on this page, I believe today is the last day to get it), at the end of this month it goes on Amazon for $19.95 which I am sure would still be worth it but why not get it now AND the free course for only $7?

NOTE: These notes are paraphrased and mixed in with my personal opinions and takes

Brendon says THE most important aspect of your life is the pursuit of self development and self awareness. IF we want to make a bigger impact, get better results, be happier, we have to constantly work on ourselves and never stop. Most people look for external forces to motivate them, the truth is that motivation ALWAYS come from within. Now, an external force may cause an internal shift but there will always have to be an internal shift for us to truly succeed in getting motivated.

Motivation, as I had improperly labeled it too, has gotten a bad reputation over the last 10-20 years. It has come to mean something hypey or fake and the reality is, it is THE driving force of our lives. We MUST embrace motivation as a real thing as we are either suffering from a lack of it right now OR we are thriving due to it (which are you?).

Inside the course Brendon (in later weeks) is going to share with you how to create a Declaration of Personal Power and why that is so important to your lives. If you have ever woken up with the ideas of all the positive things you were going to do for your life and possibly business just to lay your head down at night having NOT accomplished those things, you have to start to question, why? Why is it we are so determined in our mind only to now fulfill those determinations in reality?

This is all due to improper understanding of getting motivated and what is driving us.

Why are we born with a heart of a lion only to stay the size of a mouse in our everyday dealings?

How do we allow ourselves to be lured away from what we know will set us free over time by the slightest distractions that make ZERO difference in our lives?

When will we be ready to ascend and tap into our greater existence?

I think back to when I had shrunk to the size of a mouse, was in foreclosure, hoping for outside forces to somehow help my situation vs step up and make things happen myself. This is a terrible place to be and tapping into our internal drive can change all that, you just have to learn how to do it.

The two major enemies of personal freedom are:

1. Self Oppression

2. Social Oppression

It is easy to identify the second one with dream stealers, supportive friends and family members, co-workers, spouses, etc but that first one is the first killer. You MUST work on yourself UNTIL neither of those are the bigger drivers in your life of your actions. Simply identifying where the problem lies should help you immensely.

And lastly (and I posted this on Facebook earlier)…

“If you “run away” to your freedom then the reality is you are enslaved in your actual reality.

How many can’t wait till Friday or need a vacation from their reality or dive into movies/books to get away?

Create a life that you don’t have to escape or run away from and learn how to make a living doing what you love to do. For me, it’s making an impact and revolves around growth (growing my skill-set and knowledge) and contribution (helping others). By the way, when you get into pursuing what you actually want to do in life, you CAN also become wealthy beyond your dreams, they don’t have to be exclusive of each other. You can have the life of your dreams AND be wealthy.”

All of these notes are from Brendon Burchard’s first week of his 12 week course that you can get for free (by covering shipping) here. I highly encourage you to share this post, tag a friend, make sure they see it so they too can realize their potential, make a bigger impact and finally tap into getting motivated powerfully to have them move forward in their lives. Thanks so much for stopping by, I believe in you and appreciate you!

To Your Abundance!

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