Today I’m going to share the Ray Higdon daily routine.

First I’m going to answer the following question because there’s some controversy around this. Does a daily routine make you weaker? Next, I’m going to share with you the routine that I used to become the number one income earner of a network marketing company. Lastly I’m going to share with you the routine that I would do if I were to start over right now.

A couple of notes before we dive in to today’s topics.

Now, I’ve become somewhat known for several different things. Daily routine and consistency are two of most common, so I get asked about routines and consistency all the time. I will tell you that I used to just teach “here’s what I did” and then most people wouldn’t do it.

If you’re struggling with consistency, it may not be the lack of or even awareness of a daily routine. It may be something quite deeper. I found that for most entrepreneurs that aren’t consistent they have drawn the wrong conclusion to success based on an observation they made as a kid. When they made that observation, a program was created that is actually in control. It’s actually the pilot of their life because if you draw the wrong conclusion to success, then you will constantly find yourself fighting harder than you need to and sabotaging your success. An example is I have seen people who had parents who made a lot of money than lost it and then the kids struggled to create success and it was due to a program that was created of “I don’t ever want to lose it like my parents did.” Well if you don’t ever want to lose it then just don’t ever make it, right? It’s kind of like I’m afraid of falling off a mountain so I never climb one. Know if you are really struggling with consistency, it’s not just understanding and knowing a daily routine, it’s also looking at some of your past as well. We have different recommendations on this blog and our YouTube channel regarding that subject. 

Does a daily routine make you weaker? 

I want to answer the question because I saw a guru, someone I actually like talk about this on his Instagram channel the other day. He said a daily routine makes you weaker. I’m like “oh my goodness,” I wanted to shield my ears. It made me sad inside. I’m was thinking, what does he mean? He went on to say that those with a daily routine when they don’t do the routine, they feel off. They feel like their day is ruined. He went on to say that that that makes you weaker. I would agree with his explanation but that’s not the daily routine making you weaker, that’s your addiction to your day being in control, that’s different. Are there days when I don’t do my daily routine? It’s really rare but in the case that I don’t, I’m fine. I’m not like “oh I’m falling to pieces.” I don’t use it as a crutch, I only use it for strength. If there’s a day where I just can’t do it then I can’t do it and I’m okay. I know that all the other days that I’ve done it have led up to a certain resilience and a certain level. I am not suggesting that you proclaim that your day is ruined if you don’t do your daily routine but I am highly suggesting that you come up with a daily routine and I hope to help you with that.

The routine I used. 

What was the routine that I used to become the number one income earner in a network marketing company? It’s actually very straightforward, very simple, not easy but simple, it’s three things.

Number one I read a book called Go for No, I know sounds like a terrible book but it actually helps you with your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection. Resistance to rejection is when you are too afraid of looking bad that you just don’t reach out to anyone. Your reaction is if your best friend tells you “no” to eat ice cream for two days. It really helps with that and helps you realize that it’s really not that big a deal, getting rejected. Not a big deal really. It builds that muscle so that you can be absolutely unstoppable. Now if you have very low skills, you will reach your go for no goal quickly. If you have very high skill then you’re going to have to reach out to higher people and enter higher opportunities. In both scenarios, you will make more money.

When I read that book I’m like okay, what would make success inevitable and so I set a goal of 20 no’s a day which is crazy. Most people aren’t going to do that, if you get two no’s a day then awesome, if you get five no’s, whatever you feel comfortable getting. 20 is intense, that means you’re spending an hour minimum prospecting. Most people do not spend an hour prospecting because a non-response is not a no (by the way)only a “no” counts. So I went for 20 no’s a day.

Number two. The thing is that I hated prospecting, didn’t like doing it and I wanted to create a scenario where people would reach out to me, that sounds way cooler, doesn’t it. So I started doing a video a day. I started doing a video a day July 15th of 2009, I stopped doing a video a day for a very brief period in July of 2021. That’s 12 years. 12 years I did a video a day without missing a day, a little crazy, but I didn’t use it as a weakness because I just did it, I guess. The reason I actually stopped I was at a meditation retreat, I’m just like eh, I’m not doing it and I felt fine. I didn’t let it ruin my day, it was amazing, it was incredible. By doing a video a day, although they weren’t working at first, they helped us build a very, very large empire, a very large social media following, 400,000 on our email list etc. That was the second thing I did.

Number three. The third thing was self-development. When I didn’t have money, because I had lost it all in the real estate market crash, I had to do free things. I was rereading Think and Grow Rich, I was watching YouTube videos but as soon as I started making money, I started buying courses and hiring coaches. I guess my most extreme one was I gave Grant Cardone $100,000 for six hours of his time and in hour one, he gave me a different way of thinking about our events that made me a million dollars more that year. It’s actually made us a million dollars more every year since. That one hour, you just don’t know what the return is when it comes to getting a good coach especially when you need a particular thing.

Those are the three things: 20 no’s a day, a video a day and self-development every single day.

Let’s hear from you.

Now before I get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What do you have in your daily routine or what do you want to have but maybe you don’t? Maybe you have a question around your daily routine. Is there something that you’re thinking that if you do it every day, it would help you create success? Run it by me, drop it in the comments. I would love to hear from you. 

What would I do differently if I were to start over? 

Now what would I do differently if I were to start over? If I was to start over from scratch with no brand, no following, no level of success in any way, shape or form, you know what would I do? Well honestly the 20 no’s a day I would do. If I was down and out and I was struggling like going for more no’s is only going to lead to more yeses so I would still do that. I wouldn’t take that away.

The video a day…so things have changed in the marketing arena and the biggest marketing giant in town is short video actually, Facebook reels, Instagram reels and TikTok. So if I was going to start over, I would be doing three: Instagram reels, Facebook reels or TikTok’s a day. I say that, but I would actually create three short videos and I would put them on all three platforms. I realize that some people still don’t have Facebook reels, I understand. I’m just telling you some do and I would make three short videos every single day which is easier than you think. I will actually put a link at the end of this post to something that will help you with it. The top of the marketing food chain without any question is Facebook reels, Instagram reel and TikTok. Which one, it’s like well why do you need to evaluate if you’re just going to do the video and put them on all three but it does vary by person. We get more traction out of Facebook and Instagram reels than we do TikTok but that’s not the case for everyone so make sure you upload there too. So I would be doing the 20 no’s a day, I would be doing three short videos a day minimum and I would probably also do a YouTube channel because those attract a lot of people as well.

The third thing I would definitely be doing is self-development for sure to whatever ability I could. If I’m in a situation with no money at all then I’m reading books as much as I can, I’m watching YouTube videos.

The fourth thing (this is new) the fourth thing that I would do is meditation. A little bit over a year ago, I started meditating every day. Yesterday I happened to do two 90-minute meditations. This morning I did an hour meditation but I meditate every single day at least for an hour. This has number one, it has calmed my crazy, chattering mind to a level I never thought was possible. I just don’t have that chatter mind anymore, I just don’t have it. I’m able to focus much easier, I’ve totally eliminated my stress. My immune system every once while I would get sick here and there my immune system has been through the roof but I’ve also had some really amazing experiences. I’ve had some incredible experiences of euphoria, of feeling really good, I’ve had some pretty wild visualizations but at the end of the day, I think meditation might be the greatest thing that I do every single day and it’s something that now if I don’t do it, I’m not wrecked, but it’s something that is the one thing that I would add that I would do earlier on.

That’s something I recommend to every single person. If you’re struggling with frustration, depression, stress, crazy chattering mind that you know you have then meditation is key and my favorite mentor around meditation is Dr. Joe Dispenza. I go to his retreats, I love his stuff. He does a lot of scientific work on meditation as well. 20% of every audience is always hooked up to brain scanners and all kinds of stuff. He takes before and after blood and they really do an amazing, amazing job at their retreats and I highly recommend them.

Here is a Free Resource for you. 

Now I mentioned that I would give you a resource on how to crush it with short videos. We have a free training that teaches you a three-step launch to crush it on short videos. Here is the link, just click that link and get registered for it. Free to watch and it will show you exactly what to do to crush it on TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook reels.

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