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A well-known speaker and someone that I’ve shared the stage with, Rachel Hollis has been taking tons of heat lately in terms of her relationship and brand.

Here are my thoughts on what’s going on and how it’s important for those as an influencer and how it pertains to you if you ever want to be an influencer.

My Thoughts on the Rachel Hollis Situation

As many of you probably have seen and heard, Rachel and Dave Hollis have been experiencing a lot lately in terms of their relationship and their brand.

As we’re currently in a shaming and cancel culture — she’s been taking a lot of heat for not addressing current events, and on top of that, her and Dave have announced that they have been having issues in their marriage for several years, and are now divorcing.

Being that we, as a country, are at peak intolerance, her business & brand has taken a big hit by the public.

For those of you who are looking to grow, influence, and become a top earner, I wanted to share my thoughts and lessons learned from this.

I believe in individual rights and non-shaming, so check out this video on my thoughts on the Rachel Hollis situation.

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