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Quiz: How are you creating YOUR Independence?

Happy 4th my American friends and to the rest of the world, hope you are enjoying your day. Today is a little different kind of blog post in that I wanted to have you take a look at the life you are creating and gauge whether you are getting closer to your independence or further away from it.

What does the word Independence make you think of?

To me it means self-reliance. It means having the ability to choose who you work with, who you spend time with, where you travel to, how long you spend there and how exactly you want to live your life.

I believe the only way you can really create independence is to create residual income in some form. For some, it’s having enough money to invest in profit producing engines that throw off enough interest to live off. For most, like me, it is creating residual income through network marketing or leveraged way to make income.

Quiz: Are you truly creating your Independence?

This is a quiz I thought of this morning to help anyone fully grasp the long term ramifications of their habits and actions today and look into the future to see if they are creating the life where you own your independence or if you are actually not doing that at all.

1) Do you have a plan of action in place that is allowing you to create residual income?

2) Are you currently free to go as you please without asking for permission from anyone? (save your spouse)

3) Do you have enough passive income coming in now to cover your bills and expenses? If no, will you within the next 1-3 years?

4) Are you traveling as much as you would like to? If no, do you have a plan to be doing so within the next 1-3 years?

5) Are you stress-free when it comes to the inevitable future expenses for your family? I.E. Daughters wedding, Kids college, Possible care of parents/grandparents, etc.


You Deserve Independence

I believe that every person should be able to create their independence. I believe our world is abundant and every person can live a life they are proud of and that has them free. If you answered the majority of the above questions negatively, don’t worry, most people would. But here’s the cool part…MOST people don’t know they even have options to create independence. Most people have no idea about the concept of residual income or having a life they own versus corporate servitude.

With this knowledge you can act. Today, you can choose to change your habits to start creating your independence. Network marketing is a way where average, ordinary people can create amazing lives, lives that have them with more independence and freedom than even the most respected of occupations. By the way, right now most doctors in America are freaking out over whats about to go down with health care…might be great prospects for your opportunity =).

Know that it is never too late to start creating a life full of amazement and independence and that you deserve it. YOU, reading this right now, have taken a peer over the wall of mediocrity, pulled back the curtain of ordinary and now that you have a view of true freedom, you have to act. Build your network marketing business like your life and lifestyle depends on it, because they do. Here’s me wishing you a happy independence day and a wish for all of us to be free!

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