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Quick Test: Can You Be an Entrepreneur?

Are your MLM prospects balking at your monthly autoship program? It’s really not their fault, it’s solely because they lack “entrepreneur intelligence”. This is different from emotional or even financial intelligence, watch the below video to test yours and see if YOU can be an entrepreneur by ranking high on the test.

Can You Be an Entrepreneur is Determined By This

An Entrepreneur thinks long term where hopers continue to go broke trying to get rich quick. Hope is a great thing but you also have to think long term about your success, family and future.

Robert Kiyosaki once said that employees typically evaluate risk and costs whereas an entrepreneur will take that into consideration but adds in a third variable, and positions it higher than the other two and that is OPPORTUNITY.

Video Test: Can You Be an Entrepreneur?


In the video I mention that me and a partner used to own an advertising franchise. I vividly remember visiting a client to offer them free advertising as part of a promotion, there was NO cost to the restaurant owner, but she had to agree to a 3 year contract that we were the only type of company allowed to do this type of advertising with her restaurant. She was a BRAND NEW restaurant and she refused to sign the three year contract due to her not knowing if it would still be open. You could probably guess, it wasn’t open those three years, in fact, it failed in less than a year.

What’s the lesson? Someone should have taught her about having entrepreneur intelligence and shifting her mindset.

IF you have prospects that have balked at your monthly autoship, you might just send them this blog post, usually a third party telling them is way more powerful than the person trying to “sell them” lol.

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