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Proud of You

proud of you

Just a short note to tell you that I am proud of you. As entrepreneurs we face a lot of ridicule and obstacles and just so very proud of you for hanging on.

Watch this short video to see my lovefest for you and this profession. Don’t worry, I’m not going soft, I will be back to my tough love soon!

Grateful to You

If I had to write a job description for what I do, it would be something like this:

Get paid to inspire, motivate and help others! Must be caring, coachable and willing to play big!

Seriously, my wife and I get paid to do what we love which is inspire and impact others. And for those of you who regularly watch my videos and comment on my blog, I am just so proud of you for hanging in there. I am proud of you for being different, being unique, for dreaming big and for not giving up on the life that you desire.

You Aren’t Taking the Easy Route

You know what is easy? To NOT go for your dreams, to hide in a little corner and let the world happen to you. It’s easy, well, for a period of time and then it becomes nothing but regret. Do yourself a favor and quote this on Facebook…

“Screw Regret, I am going to create the life of my dreams no matter who doubts or challenges me.” – Ray Higdon

There are a ton of reasons why I am so proud of you but most of all, because you choose to listen to the BIG you inside not the little people on the outside. The people that tell you you will never change your family, your background, your environment, those little people have no idea the fire that burns within you and for THAT, I am so proud of you!

Video: Proud of You

Do you know someone who is hanging on by a string? Share this with them. Did you get inspired by this? Comment and share the love. I am so humbled and honored to be here serving you dreamers and cannot wait to applaud YOUR success. Keep going my friend.

To Your Abundance!

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