Ever feel like you’re chasing prospects but nobody’s coming to you for any info?

Here I’m sharing tips on getting prospects to come back for more information, tools, and resources from you.

3 Questions to Get Prospects Asking You For More Info

When you speak with a prospect, it’s easy to sound pushy and come off too strong, but these are my favorite 3 questions to ask a prospect before you waste your time on trying to sell them.

1. “Do you mind if I ask what you’ve tried in the past?

2. Why do you think those things did or didn’t work for you?

3. Do you feel you’re serious and committed now to ____? Or is it not the right time? I’m asking because I know of something I believe can help, but want to make sure you’re open and ready before I tell you about it.” (so whatever I talk about, ask if they’re open, give them an out)

And along with these 3 questions to ask prospects, there’s also a couple of closing techniques that always keep them coming back for more.

I’ve shared this before, and I’m going to share it again because it works so well.

I’ve had so many people reach out to me saying that they’ve switched it up and used this closing line, and their sales have gone through the roof.

Here they are – the first one is for everyone to use, and the second one is a bit more bold!

So after prequalifying them with the first questions, this is how you would end your interaction with a prospect…

1. “Based on what you’ve shared with me, I think my product or business or whatever (you don’t mention the name of it) will help you ______ (their goal).”

Whatever they told you, you throw it right back at them.

And here’s the one that’s a bit more bold.

2. “Great! I have a 2:00 and a 3:15 PM open today. Otherwise, I’m book solid with appointments and clients. Do either of those work to chat for three to five minutes before sending the info? There’s a few questions I’d like to ask so I know what information is best to send.”

Maybe you can do this through voice message or through Zoom. Or maybe it’s just a quick text.

But you give them times that you’re open. Even if you have a full beach day planned. It doesn’t matter.

You tell them two times that you’re available, and if they can’t make that work, then you figure out another time. But you make yourself sound like you’re up to something. If they’re serious, they’ll get back to you. And if they’re not, then great. You didn’t waste your time.

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I personally really liked getting on the phone with them. It helped me to know how serious they were before I sent them any information or wasted my time and resources on them.

I’m sure there have been many times when you sent out information and nobody ever looked at it. It happens to everyone.

But if you can get the commitment before you give them the information you’re qualifying them, not the other way around.

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