Today’s topic is all about having prospective memory and how to create those memories of the future. Having this kind of mindset can help you set goals and be sure to achieve them.

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Prospective memory

How To Create Memories Of The Future

Debbie, she’s collectively saying some of us are struggling with that wish word. What do you mean? What do you mean? It doesn’t … A wish fulfilled is no longer a wish, but what’s more powerful? So if you’re in sickness, it would be much better for you to say “I am healthy” than “I will be healthy” because I will be healthy is admitting that you aren’t. See how that works? And so wish fulfilled, but what’s your issue with the word wish?

And just recognize that when you say “I will be rich. I will be a millionaire. I will be whatever,” that’s an admittance that you’re not. And you’re always going to create proof of who you are, not what you want, right? Not what you want. And I wish I was healthy is saying I’m not healthy. So you need to feel as if it’s already happened. You need to feel into the place.

Like if you ever watch any, literally any interviews with high level athletes, they always experienced it before it happened. They experienced winning the gold before it happened. They experienced it, and so they created memories of the future, then they lived into those memories of the future. And oh, by the way, just to cover that because someone’s saying, “Well, what do you say to yourself then?” Right?

Actually what you say to yourself is important, but it doesn’t hold a candle to how you feel. So you can say, “I’m healthy. I’m abundant. I’m a millionaire.” You can do all that until you’re blue in the face but if you have the feeling of scarcity, if you have the feeling of desperation, if you have the feeling that you’re in lack, then that’s what you are. Not what you say in the morning, not what you say in your affirmations. What you are is the feelings and emotions that you’re constantly bringing up. That’s what you are, okay?

And so wish fulfilled means it happened. So wish, I agree, the word wish, if I just said wish by itself, and yes, it’s in the future, you don’t have it. Wish fulfilled means it happened. Gratitude means it happened, right? You’re grateful for something that happened.

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