prospecting secrets

What’s my best prospecting secret?

Here I share my best prospecting secrets that if used will get you more sign ups.

Prospecting Secrets

What’s my best prospecting secret?

It’s real simple.

You get a box with a stick and a string. You determine what does my target really want? Do they want more money? You put money, a couple bucks underneath this box. You position the string, and you hide behind the corner. Then when they go to it, you pull it.

I’m joking. It’s not like a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

I’ll give you a couple prospecting secrets…

Have Posture

Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval.

Posture greatly alters your prospecting.

Most people that think “I really NEED to get a prospect. How do I get someone? How do I pounce on them, and bite their neck, and carry them back to the den.”

Most people are trying to GET people.

A postured person knows that they believe in what they have regardless of external acceptance or approval. They know the product, the service, or the opportunity they represent has value in it.

You have to understand that you have value, and you don’t have to get every single person. You don’t have to trick people. And, you don’t have to GET them.

All you have to do is show “Hey, here’s the value in my product, service or opportunity. If you’re open to it, great. If you’re not, no big deal.”

Because a postured person believes in what they have.

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Ask Yourself  This Question

When any of amazing entrepreneurs like Bill Gates & Steve Jobs, when they started their journey, do you think there were people who didn’t believe in the journey?

Were there people that didn’t see the vision?

Did Steve Jobs say, “I want to start this computer company.” And everyone around him said, “What a great idea. What a magical idea, Stevie. Yeah, Stevie, you should totally rock it out, man. Totally support it. Let me know if you need any money.”

No. They were probably like, “Dude, you’re an idiot. Finish your degree and get a job, so you’re not broke and living in a van down by the river.”

Do you think for a second that any of these amazing entrepreneurs that created anything had everyone around them agreeing with them and saying, “Yeah, great idea, buddy?” No.

It certainly didn’t happen in my space. I remember when I left the corporate world, and I started telling people, “I’m going to leave the corporate world.”

They were like, “Man, what’s wrong with you? What about benefits?” I had almost zero people agree with me, accept of me, approve of my ideas of getting out of the corporate world, so I could do my own thing. Hardly anyone agreed with that.

You got to understand that you don’t require approval. Just like Steve Jobs didn’t, just like Elvis didn’t.

Elvis was told when he went and auditioned at Opera Land, he was told to go back to being a truck driver. Apparently, he didn’t require acceptance or approval.

I’m going to encourage you that you also don’t require that.

What You Already Know

Posture, like I said, was the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval.

You have posture around something. You have posture, actually, around multiple things.

Let me give you a fun example.

Let’s say that one of your buddies comes to you and says, “Hey, man, bro, I was on Wikipedia last night. It turns out electricity is a scam.”

You’re going to be like, “Come again?”

“Yeah, man, electricity is a scam. I just read it, man. There’s a Sanjay. He released this document. It said, “Electricity, not real.” That’s what it said.”

Not for a second are you going to be like, “Oh my goodness. Oh my god, is he right? All these years I thought I was using lights around me, and ceiling fans, and blenders, and toasters. Oh my god, what am I going to do?”

You have posture around electricity, you do. Unless you’re way too easily influenced by the opinions of others, you have posture around electricity.

Getting People To Understand Network Marketing

A lot of times people will say, “Ray, I’ve got this amazing thing. It’s an amazing product, amazing service, amazing opportunity, amazing team, amazing ground floor, patent pending opportunity, a billion dollars.”

They have all these great adjectives and descriptors of their thing. They say, “How do I get someone that thinks network marketing is a scam, how do I turn them around?”

Stop trying to convince them otherwise.

Let me ask you this. If you are a Mom or Dad, if someone calls your kid ugly? How do you convince them otherwise? Do you say, “To hell with you?” Or do you say, “No, no, no. He has great features, see? He’s got the jaw line.”

Do you try to convince them if they say your kid is ugly? No.

If someone said, “It’s a scam. You’re going to go to hell, buddy.” All right, cool. Thanks for your opinion, man. Hey, rock on. See you all later.

Stop it. Stop trying to convince people who are dedicated to not understanding.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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