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My Problem with Youtube and Why I’m Leaving


Yeppers, there is a major problem with youtube and it is why her and I are breaking up.

Inside the below video I share our love/hate relationship and why I am choosing to leave due to a major problem with youtube practices.

My History with Youtube

I have actually had three accounts with youtube. I had an account shutdown with zero warning back in 2010 so I built a totally new channel up to over 20,000 subscribers. That account started getting attacked early this year by “flags” and they started age-restricting some of my videos (none of which made any sense whatsoever to age-restict) and then I started receiving strikes.

Now, it’s “possible” that my videos are just that terrible to mandate age-restriction, flags, strikes, etc but from talking with quite a few other big video marketers (most of which no longer use youtube either) it is more likely an individual or group of individuals that instead of focusing on the betterment of their lives and the lives of the target market they may or may not serve, they choose to attack my channel. Don’t worry, if you are reading this, I am not standing at the top of a tall building, this is simply a loose business practice of a company that as a business owner I am choosing to take my business elsewhere.

Why Youtube should send me Free T-Shirts

Imagine if you started a site and you wanted to get more interaction on it and for FREE this guy comes along and contributes to your site 5-7 times per week, every single week for 5 years. How much would you be willing to give that guy? Would you at least send him a T-shirt or would you shut down his account and flag his content even though his content is getting likes, shares, comments and a ton of traffic to YOUR site?

Trust me, I am not bitter, just making a point. When any business, even one as big as Google/youtube, allow “haters” to dictate the displaying of content of someone who is doing exactly what you actually want your community to do, well, it’s not smart business.

This is where I first shared my problem with Youtube on my Facebook

Should YOU Leave Youtube?

In most cases, I say no. Youtube is a great platform for most and I fully realize that I will be able to impact and reach fewer people in the short term by leaving however, the peace of mind I will gain with not having to look over my shoulder is worth it. I suggest if you are just getting started or newer to Internet marketing, youtube is a great choice and one that is easy to use and will get you the most traffic. That being said, without knowing the celebrity code of how more mainstream people get huge youtube accounts without the haters or mass attack on their accounts, once you reach a certain point, at least in the home business niche, you just might find yourself on the wrong side of Youtube and she can get nasty.

The Biggest Problem with Youtube and Why I am Leaving

So, IF you are a subscriber and used to getting my latest content from Youtube, you will no longer be receiving anything unless you are on my email list. You can continue to get content from me by entering your name and email in the upper right hand corner of this page and will also get a pretty cool training for free. And yes, I WILL continue to make videos and podcasts, it just will not be from the Youtube platform.

Do YOU like my videos? Think those taking advantage of the loose practices of Youtube are dumb-dumbs? Leave me a comment below if you support this message to perhaps get Youtube to tighten up their practices of letting people mass attack channels and flag videos that simply shouldn’t be flagged. For example, this morning my engagement video was age-restricted lol, clearly, there is something wrong in Youtube land. Leave a comment below if you are with me.

To Your Abundance!

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