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The Problem with Giving up Freedom for Security


MOST people, when it comes to their career, are giving up freedom for security, I used t be one of them.

Watch this short video to learn the biggest problem with this AND an exclusive invite to a Free training we are doing tonight!

What do I mean “Giving Up Freedom for Security”?

Make sure you watch the below video to learn what I mean exactly but the basic premise is looking for that secure career or job that will give you a sense of security versus pursue your passion.

You can also apply this statement to the government too, in both cases, I say choose freedom over security. A great quote on the topic (both career and government)

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” – Benjamin Franklin

secure careersDo You Want to Be Free?

Then pursue what you love, not what you think is secure. Giving up freedom for security is a BIG mistake. It indicates that your life is meant to be ENDURED vs ENJOYED and if you get one thing from me, know that you are meant to live a great life and create a life that is inspiring to you and others!

Tonight I am doing a free training with a guy that has absolutely created freedom for himself and for others. He has worked his way from making $5 an hour at a slaughterhouse to generating over one billion dollars in revenue through his different companies. You can register here for tonight’s training and I suggest getting on early as this will pack out!

Video: How I Switched from Security to Freedom

Was that powerful? Did you learn something from my past? Comment below if you are excited about tonight’s training with Russ, it is going to be epic and feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit!

To Your Abundance!

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