Private Home Business Mastermind

Here's Your Personal Invitation To Join Us & A Select Group Of Leaders For A Private Home Business Mastermind Event!

Dear Friend & Fellow Networker,

What if one weekend was all it took to change everything?

Facing challenges in your business is par for the course.  Whether you're just starting out and have a small team, or you're already walking across the stage with your company winning sales awards – we can guarantee that there are some sticking points in your business...hurdles you'd like to get over so your income can soar.

This is a year of "firsts" for us.  Our passion and calling is to help as many people as we can become Top Earners in their primary company.  And so, we decided to do something we haven't done before. 

We're extending a very special and private invitation to you. We'd like you to join us this April 19-20th, 2014 in sunny Florida for our first Private Home Business Mastermind.

Who Is This Mastermind For?

This 2 day intensive mastermind event is not for everyone.  You've got to have some "skin in the game" as they say to really get something out our time together. 

Now, it doesn't matter if you've got a team of 10 or a team of 1,000.  But, here's what does matter in order for you to attend this event:

  • You must have experience prospecting, calling leads, contacting your warm market, and recruiting people into your business. 

How many people you've recruited is not important.  What IS important is that you've made the dials, you've taken a risk and presented your opportunity to another, and you've proven to yourself that you can move past your fears and do the work to build your business.

  • You must be un-offendable.  

For 2 fun, exciting but intense days it'll be you, us and several other leaders in a room crafting a game plan for your business.  We're going to ask you questions that you might not like.  We may ask you to take a risk you're uncomfortable with. 

But our goal is always to coach you, to help you, and to get to the heart of what you need to do to reach your goals.  You should join us only if you've got an open mind and you're willing to listen, learn and implement.

We Have Some Amazing Things Planned For You!

2 Day Private Live Intensive For You & A Small, Select Group Of Networkers At The Beautiful Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in Bonita Springs, Florida

For 2 solid days, we'll be masterminding together about your business.  If you'd like to generate more leads online through blogging or doing social media advertising, we can show you the exact steps to do that.  If you love offline recruiting and want to build a huge local team for your business, we will take you by the hand and show you how.

This is the type of intimate and intense training and coaching most networkers never get for their business.  We've been there, we've made mistakes, and we know what works.  We will not be giving you generic "one size fits all" advice.  This is specific coaching and training for you, your business, and your future.

A Delicious Gourmet Lunch Will Be Provided Daily

This will be your time to relax a little, mingle with the other attendees, make connections, and brainstorm more ideas about what you've learned.  The hotel's executive chef and staff provide a comfortable and satisfying experience for everyone.

You Be The Star In Your Personal & Professional Photo Shoot!

Whether you're building your business online or offline, your personal branding is what will set you apart. 

Every business card you hand out, every time a prospect looks you up online or on Facebook, and every person who visits your website – they are all making a decision within the first few moments about whether they'd like to do business with you.  Your personal branding will make all the difference and it's essential that you have a nice professional photograph to present yourself to prospects.

We're going to make it easy for you by providing a professional photographer on-site for both days of the event.  With the beautiful backdrop of the Hyatt Regency Resort, there are many gorgeous locations to take a shot.

You'll Also Receive A Personal VIP Ticket To Top Earner Academy In June!

VIP tickets for our second Top Earner Academy event are extremely limited.  But, if you join us in April for this Private Home Business Mastermind event, you'll receive 1 VIP ticket upgrade for the event this June. 

Your VIP ticket is a $995 Value and it includes: 

  • Special VIP seating at the event
  • A private gourmet lunch daily with the speakers, Ray & Jessica, and other VIP's
  • A private VIP mixer on Thursday night of the event
  • An invite to attend a special VIP training day that takes place on June 15th, the day after the main event.  This special day is just for VIP's only and we are bringing in a special trainer JUST for you.  Only VIP's will be allowed to attend this session and we can guarantee you, you're going to be completely blown away.

The total value for this Private Home Business Mastermind event is over $6,994.  We're extending the invitation to you today for an investment of only $1,995.

Payment Options Are Available

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We will review your application and reach out to you personally within 24 hours

We always say that investing in your training is important.  And it is.  But investing in coaching like this – at this level – can honestly mean the difference between success and failure.

You know right now if you need to be at this event.  Your gut tells you that this will be make or break for you.  This could be what catapults you into the next level of your business.

Actually, if you come ready…if you come coachable…and if you come prepared to bring your very best…then I can guarantee that this will be a turning point for you.

In fact, we are so certain of it that we're willing to offer you a complete 100% money back guarantee.  Come to Day 1 of the Mastermind, and if you don't feel you've gotten way more than what you invested simply let us know and you'll be free to go with a full 100% refund.  No hassles, no shame, no questions asked.

Your Private Home Business Mastermind Includes:

  • 2 training days with us and other passionate networkers (Value $4,700)
  • A professional photo shoot (We are bringing in a professional photographer for the event & you will have an opportunity to have professional shots done for your blog and social media branding! Value $997)
  • A VIP Ticket To Top Earner Academy in June - This VIP Ticket includes special seating at the event, a VIP lunch daily, a special VIP party on Thursday night, and an additional Mastermind day on the Sunday following the event with a special speaker for VIP's only! (Value $997)

Total Value $6,994

Click Here To Send Your Application To Attend

Payment Options Are Available

We will review your application and reach out to you personally within 24 hours

(You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase that
contains information about the hotel, how to book your stay, etc.)

We're excited to meet you in April & we cannot wait to help coach you to the next level of success in your business!