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When planning to deliver baby Graham, Jessica and I wanted to have a different pregnancy experience than we did with Sabrina – we hired a Doula and went the untraditional route.

In today’s video I’m sharing the thought process behind that decision and how everything turned out overall.

Our Pregnancy Experience With Nurses, Midwives, and Doulas

In 2 weeks, we will be celebrating Graham’s 1st Birthday! Crazy how fast it’s been!

After having Sabrina, we really figured out what didn’t work for us the first time around delivering, so Jess and I wanted to take a different approach.

With it already being a high stress situation, we wanted to take a gentler, more natural, and less invasive way of delivering baby Graham.

Instead of going the traditional route, we decided to work with a Doula this time around. In the video below, I’m sharing our pregnancy experience with the Doula, as well as how nurses and midwives played a role as well.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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