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Powerful Questions to
Help Create the Life You Love

powerful questions

Most people ask themselves the wrong questions so they get wrong results. This will train you to instead ask powerful questions.

Watch this short video to see what I mean and how to create the life your love!

How to Create the Life You Love

First of all you have to have a vision of what that means exactly and to help with that vision, learn to ask yourself powerful questions.

To start off, just take the things in your life that you DON’T like, you know, the areas that you probably talk the most about and instead think about the exact opposite. This is a good exercise for MOST people that have yet to grip the power of the law of attraction. NOTE: anytime I mention the law of attraction I have to add in that it isn’t just what you think about, it is also about your habits and actions.

So, a simple way to start is to think about the opposite of all the things you don’t like in your life currently and then ask yourself powerful questions of what it would look like to have a new life. The below video explains what I mean AND gives you a few super powerful questions that my wife and I personally use.

Video: The Art of Powerful Questions

Was that helpful? Have some fun with me right now. Share this and then below in the comments section, try out your ability to come up with great questions and share a powerful one that YOU like with everyone else!

To Your Abundance!

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