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If YOU Were Being Approached by the big promotional companies in your industry to Do Webinars for THEIR List, What Would That Mean to you Financially?

Over the last few years I've:

  • Sponsored 300+ into Primary ($500-$1,400 Buy-In)
  • Sponsored 550+ into MLSP (Best month $25,683)
  • Won 9 Fully Paid For Vacations
  • Creator of Multiple Training Products
  • Cover of WWN, Best of Better Networker, Feat. in Networking Times
  • #1 Spot on Top 50 Blog
  • Paid Cash for our 10 Day Honeymoon

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"A Proven Step-By-Step System That Will Virtually Guarantee Massive Money AND Recognition"

People Have Asked Me How to Do What I do, Specifically:

  • How to Create and Give Presentations on Webinars and Stages
  • How to Get Exposure
  • How to Close More Sales IN MASS For your OWN products as well as your MLM

Up Until Now, I Have Never Shared These Secrets. Today, for the First Time

"I'm a student of Ray's methods of conducting webinars. I took Ray's concept of engaging with my audience live and this has created a connection with viewers that allows them to stick around for the completion of the webinar. Additionally, the natural sense of conversation and laughs in stories of connecting to people's pain is bar none the key that Ray has taught me to create huge value. Closing out a webinar with hungry people credit card in hand has increased by a 150% conversion." ~Cesar
"I really enjoyed Module 1 of Presenting For Profits! You were true to your word in packing it full of easy, usable templates, tips and how to's. I can't wait to get started with them, and help others get healthier, fit and more balanced in their lives!" - Julie Collins
"Presenting for profits Module 1 sets the stage perfectly for what is sure to be a great training series. Ray always delivers, and this is sure to not be an exception! I have done several presenting training programs and Ray does a great job of presenting the material but also adding a great personal touch. Don't miss the chance to learn this invaluable skill from one of the best!" -Justin Trombold Dallas, TX


  • Most spend their time frustrated trying to get one sale
  • Most people spend all their time trying to get leads and traffic when EXPOSURE would solve both
  • Those on stage and presenting are ALWAYS the ones making the most money, it's time to get you up here!

Being on Stage or Presenting on Webinars = More Money + More Exposure!


What Happens When You Become a Profitable Presenter?

  • Yes, you build that team you have always wanted!
  • Yes, you make more money
  • Yes, you will win trips and cars
But, there are other cool things that happen too…
  • You start to hear more stories of the people you have helped (who wants that?)
  • Your confidence level goes off the chart and both men and women are more attracted to you
  • Your confidence level goes off the chart and both men and women are more attracted to you
  • You get asked to train people outside your company

Anyone Who is Unsure if They Can Do This, Has Never Been Shown a System

“I started my information marketing business with my own products last year. Although I was making sales on my webinars, I knew something was missing and that I could do even better if I just had some guidance.
“I bought Ray's "Presenting For Profits" course and dug right in. It had all the pieces I was missing. I literally took Ray's blueprint and applied his formula slide-for-slide. It was sooooo much easier having a system to follow and I felt way more confident on my last webinar. Not only that but I had my best product sales to date! Within 3 hours of the live webinar, I took in $19,305. Since then, I've earned a total $56,745 from the replay of that same webinar and the sales keep coming in. THANK YOU RAY! If you were here, I'd kiss ya! (Sorry Jess :-p )”
-Amy Jo Berman

Hey Ray, it's Liz Hester and I just had to give you an update on Presenting for Profits. It's just been amazing. I did my first presentation and I hadn't done one in a while, so I did a little buzz, got some buzz going, filled the room at 25 people. Sixteen answered my call to action for a free 30-minute consultation. Of those, five of them, resulting in $10,000 of business, took me up on my consulting.

So, the formula works. It's amazing how one presentation can transform your business, because I've done so much business from that one presentation and from the referrals from the people who were at that presentation, that I almost have not had time for another. So, if you haven't done your presentation yet, get out there and do it. Follow the formula exactly, because it works and I just can't wait to next installment, because the story keeps getting better and better.

  "Ray Higdon's speaking experience across multiple industries makes him the ultimate trainer for those that want to become IN-DEMAND presenters" - Diane Hochman

Hey Ray,"Just finished listening to Module 1 of your Presentation for Profits course and all I can say is WOW!There were so may cool tips, but my favorite one was this: "Always have something to sell, even if you don't have a product yet."
This has been a huge block for me and just hearing you say that you can sell coaching because you know more than many others was an invaluable tip. I can only imagine how the rest of the course will be! Can't wait!
Appreciate you!"
Bob Clarke

My Cost To Learn This Stuff

  • I hired a coach for $2,000 a month
  • Hired a coach for $2,000 a month
  • Another coach for $400 an hour
  • Speaker Closing Day for $10,000
  • Traveled the country 22 days a month for a year selling from stage
  • The last 3 years of my life has been dedicated to master being a profitable
    "Higdon is one of the most talented and gifted trainers in our industry, period. There is a reason we have him speak at every single MLSP event held across the world!" – Brian Fanale

Presenting for Profits Series

  • Mod 1: Creating Your Sales Funnel
  • Mod 2: Presentation Preparation
  • Mod 3: Leadership Branding
  • Mod 4: How to Connect with Exposure Agents

$697 Value

Group Presentation Critique

  • Peer over my shoulder as I critique 3 other people's presentations
  • See the intricacies of making the sale that NEEDS to be in EACH presentation
  • This is a MUST HAVE for any serious marketer!

$497 Value


Email Riches

  • How to Build and more importantly KEEP your list!
  • How to craft emails, look over my shoulder while I send emails to my database
  • How to discuss your primary company without pissing off your list

$197 Value


Webinar Riches

  • How to BANK on Webinars!
  • Whether you have 3 or 303 attendees, see what the formula is for RAKING in the dough!

$97 Value


Personal Powerpoint Critique

AFTER you go through the core modules, you will have the chance to have me PERSONALLY go through your powerpoint and help you craft your sales presentation!

$997 Value



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  "Seeing your process of building the shell from the inside really made that shift in my thinking. So thank you! You taking the time to show us what you are doing from the ground up gave me the shift in mindset I needed for focus and to build a solid foundation from the ground up as I'm rebuilding." – Liz Hester