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Make Money Blogging
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* All webinars are previously recorded.

Start Your Journey Today to Online Riches!

8 Weekly Video Trainings

Watch over my shoulder as I research, plan, create, and execute each blog post. I'll explain many of my secret tips & show you how I get tons of traffic to each and every post I create.

4 Recorded Q&A Webinars

These 4 recorded webinars dig deep. Join me and watch as I put other bloggers in the 'hot seat', answer questions about real-life blogging challenges, and show you some real sticking points that many bloggers overlook.

Ray, the Make Money Blogging training was exceptional! Before your training I had done a lot of post but was getting no traction. Your training helped me create better content, write better title copy, learn how to promote it, how to utilize better call to actions, how to use keywords and how to stay congruent by providing relevant value to my target market. The tweaks that I learned I needed to make did not seem like a big deal, but after implementing what you suggested, it all came together. Now my blog looks amazing, generates leads (my list has grown from 1,000 to 8,000), has shown me as a credible resource and now I have sales from my blog post being made consistently! THANK YOU RAY!

-Bonnie Cribbs

I just posted a blog THIS MORNING following your Make Money Blogging Course and am already on the first page of Google! Thanks so much Ray!!

-Karine Renaud

What really makes Ray's training stand out, is that he doesn't just teach you the nuts and bolts of how to blog, but actually how to THINK like a successful blogger. As a total newbie to blogging, I was able to start from scratch and create a blog that truly reflects my message and targets my customers.

-Karen Holmquist

Ray's blog training is SPOT ON! Not only is it practical and something you can put into effect IMMEDIATELY, this guy practices what he preaches and has gotten amazing results himself FIRST so you know it works! I am showing up in all kinds of key word searches and getting in front of even more people than I imagined because of it! I'm ready to turn my six figure year into seven!

-Jessica "30 Minute Workout Warrior" Nelson

I have been blogging for almost a year now. Wasn't getting great traction on my blog until Ray reviewed it and recommended some changes, We did as he suggested and got over 1500 hits on our blog and offers within 24 hrs of making the changes. Amazing training Ray Higdon gives.

-Julie Syl Kal

Wow Ray, For me, I never believed that I could blog and was not interested in it. But now,after your teaching, and step by step making it seem possible. I am now a believer in blogging and believe that I can do it.! Thanks! You are incredible!

-Beverley Ellis