Want targeted leads reaching out to you?

Here my wife and social media recruiting expert, Jessica Higdon shares how you can get HOT LEADS reaching out to YOU by using simple LinkedIn articles.

How To Post Articles On LinkedIn To Attract Leads

Here, my wife and social media recruiting expert Jessica Higdon shares exactly how to use LinkedIn articles to get leads.

At the age of 21, Jessica built a $10,000 a month income on social media using social media recruiting tactics.

She didn’t have a big brand back then, she didn’t have a ton of followers, she didn’t even have results. She focused her attention on recruiting on social media and built a huge team.

Why LinkedIn Articles?

IF you don’t have a blog or website, posting articles are a great way to build rapport and get leads reaching out to you.

In the training below, Jessica will walk you through:

  • How To Create A LinkedIn Article
  • How To Use LinkedIn Keywords
  • What You Need To Do To Get Leads Reaching Out To You
  • How To Find People To Viewed Your Article and How To Reach Out to Them

Great stuff, right? Make sure to follow up with ALL those leads!

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