Poems for Mother – From Me to You, Happy Mothers Day

IMG_6281NOTE: This is a poem I wrote YEARS ago for my Mom and I actually just found it on my blog, totally forgot I wrote it but it still applies. I didn’t change any of the words but did add a picture of us. Hope you enjoy and feel free to share if it lifts your day!

By the way, found out this was written in May of 2009, the very height of me being in foreclosure and dead broke. It wasn’t until July that I started turning things around, appreciate you Mom for all you have done and the support you have always given me =)

Dear Mom…what can I say,
Other than what I should say, every single day

Thank you so much for all that you do
Not sure what I would do without all that is you

I know raising me wasn’t a simple task
I think if my sons did what I did, I would need a flask

All that I put you through in high school
hanging with bad crowds and trying to be cool
thought I knew it all when I was just a fool
the current me would call the high school me a total tool

Haha, crazy times but there were lots of good times we had
Laughing at me when I dyed my hair with Jerry, Haag and Frank, orange looked really bad
Tight rolled pant legs were the fad, staying out late every night made you mad

I know how tough it was for you in Indiana, life wasn’t fair
you tried so hard to care for me and being without me you couldn’t bear
I know you sometimes think about turning back the clock but don’t you dare
I wouldn’t change my childhood, not a single hair

You see I love what you helped me grow into
and we wouldn’t be each other without all we’ve been through

we do the best we can with what we’ve got
every single thing, good, bad, doesn’t happen for naught
memories aren’t made by the things that are bought
or by the harsh words said whenever we fought

I remember running away and you looking for me
I was just down the road, hiding in a tree
sorry for all the times that I drove you crazy
thank you for all the patience you had with me

So grateful to have you in my life and what you do for my kids
if you were an auction item on ebay, I would put in the highest bid

Hope you enjoy this poem, Mom, from your son RayHere’s to treating you like a queen all the time and not just on Mothers day!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

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