Wow, what a crazy week! I had a blast at the Santa pub crawl last night in Naples but I had a very productive week, lots of traveling, here are some pics and videos

Here was my week:

Tuesday – Luncheon in Naples then spoke in Tampa at Night on Gold and Silver MLM
Wednesday – Team lunch in Ocala then spoke in Ocala on Gold and Silver MLM
Thursday – Breakfast and lunch meeting in Ocala then hit the VIP party at Chris Kents house for the Gold and Silver MLM, the drove to Ocala and crashed there
Friday – Drove to Ron Legrands Quick Turn real estate bootcamp being held in Ponte Verde Beach (near Jacksonville) where I spoke on Gold and Silver MLM, then drove all the
way back to Tampa and crashed at Jake’s house
Saturday – Attended a Joel Bauer event with Jake in Tampa, drove back to Ft Myers, then hit the Naples Santa Claus Pub Crawl for a cause! Here are some pics from that fun night!

Here are some videos by buddy shot while I was speaking in Ponte Verde Beach on Gold and Silver MLM