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Personal Branding is a Waste…
Without Influence

Online MLM marketing has been through an interesting ride the last few years. There were marketers obsessed with personal branding that became known but barely made any money and then there were the true marketers that made a ton of money but didn’t build relationships. This post will navigate you through and share what the future holds.

Personal Branding is Good but Influence is Better

Advertising companies love to talk about personal branding as it’s nebulous and can be a never-ending hole where you throw money just to “get your name out there”. This can be a problem unless you have the marketing budgets of Coca Cola or Geico.

What is more important than simple personal branding is having influence over your target market. The way you do that is to first, identify your target market (this highly popular blog post might help with that), solve the problems and desires of that target market, and then decide what you would like that target market to do. A business owner might identify that they want the desired action of their target market to purchase their services or products eventually but there are other ways of influence that will help you not only with your personal branding but also with your online marketing influence.


Where’s the Beef?

If you have been working at your personal branding and actually getting some traction but aren’t making much money…you’ve missed the boat somewhere.

I know people that get tons of shares, retweets, comments, are asked to speak at events but barely make ends meet. THAT is NOT the point of personal branding, you need to design a strategy that is going to have you raking in the money as well as getting your name out there.

Some would suggest to give some value away but save the good stuff for your products…I disagree with that. I put great value on my blog but in my products just dig a bit deeper. Those who resonate with the content, a lot of times, want to either hire me as a coach or dive into one of my products or join my team. Personal branding means getting YOU out there not just your MLM company name but also keep in mind that YOU are what people will be attracted to and who they will want to work with.

The Easiest Way to Have Influence IN your Personal Branding

This is going to sound funny but want you to put down your walls and embrace what I am about to say as it is so true. The best way for you to have influence AND get others to compensate you, is to invest in yourself. To constantly invest in ways to make YOU as a unit better. Here’s some of the reasons why:

1. When you invest in great products you can usually become an affiliate and easily recommend them.
2. When you invest in yourself, you gain knowledge that others lack but want, you can teach them (for free or for a price)
3. When you invest in yourself, you are able to easier get to know the creators of great products and get on their radar.

It’s hard to get people to buy products from you if you are not using them or have never bought. The cool thing is once you embrace this way of living, the game becomes how to continue investing in yourself so you can stay current and gain tactics to share with your target market.

Just remember this, personal branding without focusing on influence can be costly, time-wise and money-wise. Be smart with your time and money and always make yourself better but also identify with how you can share that knowledge with your target market where it is a win-win scenario. You give more of use value than you charge in dollars, THAT is the key to becoming a sought after influencer.

Free Video on Influence and Conversions

They just released video number 3 on Influence and Conversions on this page. There is nothing for sale on that page, just a great video talking about some of the things I talked about on this post. Create a discussion below in the comments on your favorite tip in the video on influence and to your increased influence!

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