Today you will learn how to use Periscope to generate more leads for your business.

It is SUPER simple and it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Simplest and Fastest way to Get Online Leads?

Believe me when I say that I am NOT a technical guru, anyone who has worked with me will attest that when it comes to technology I can barely operate a microwave (and once did set a bag of popcorn on fire).

There is a new technology called Periscope that already has 13 million users that at first I resisted due to it simply being new technology. I am going to encourage you to open your mind to using it as I believe it just might be, at least right now, the simplest and fastest way to generate a TON of online leads for your business. The neat thing is right now you don’t even need to have a big following for it to get you some serious results with lead generation.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a software owned by Twitter that allows you to video livestream from your phone. You can, in live action, simply click a few buttons on your phone and have an audience right in front of you. The latest stats have Periscope at 13 million users but only 1% are actually broadcasting right now, can you spell opportunity??

How to Use Periscope

Step 1: First you need to locate the app, the picture below should help


I am showing you what it looks like on my iPhone, Samsung users and all others will just have to google “How to install Periscope”

Step 2: Open the App on your Phone


By the way, I do Periscopes almost daily. IF you want to watch my next one, feel free to look me up, my username is rayhigdon. All you would do is when you open Periscope on your phone, click the bottom right button that looks like three people then click the upper left hand search button and type in rayhigdon. Click my name and then just click the follow button and voila! You will get notified and be able to see any future free Periscope trainings I do.

Step 3: Decide what you are going to share

This is where my formula, ILT, comes into play. ILT stands for Invest, Learn, Teach. You invest time and possibly money into learning something and then you teach. The best example is after you have watched a training video, gone through a course, watched a webinar, attended an event, simply take some of your notes that you took and share those on a Periscope! People get attracted to people that teach them things and you can easily do that now with Periscope.

Step 4: Broadcast!


You type in your catchy title and my friend and client Diana Good-Sky Hertig even suggests typing in a few hashtags. The really cool thing about lead generation and how to use Periscope is I have seen quite a few people that could never have gotten a lot of people on a webinar get over 100 people on a Periscope.

BEFORE you Periscope!

The big drawback that people have about Periscope is the video broadcasts only last 24 hours, well, that doesn’t have to be that way! There is a website called that now archives all of your Periscope recordings AND there are even some AMAZING features built in that allows you to EASILY connect with anyone who happened to be on your Periscope. I did the below tutorial video for you

So there you go! Perhaps the EASIEST and FASTEST way to generate leads online and be able to easily connect with them. IF you’d like to learn more advanced Periscope strategies be sure to register for tonight’s webinar that one of my buds are doing.

IF you got value from this, feel free to share and comment below if you are gonna start Periscoping for lead generation!

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