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Why People Fail


Ever wonder why people fail? I think it comes down to one major thing and in this short post I share with you how to start winning instead of failing.

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Update from Ireland

As you may know, my wife and I and some of our team are in Ireland right now for 8 nights. It has been a blast and I am going to put an epic video up for you at the end but if you want a sneak peek at something really cool, a peak life experience, watch this one minute video – Blarney Castle Ireland

Dude Emailed Me

The last few months we have been running the most successful group coaching program we have ever ran called Top Earner Success School. It is a three month group coaching program and there are more people that have created breakthroughs in this program than any program I have ever put together.

A guy emails me last night with this:

I was wondering if I could get a refund on the coaching program.
I’ve just haven’t had the time to focus on doing and watching all the webinars.
And I never expected to create videos as part of the homework, which I have yet to do.

I believe the number one answer to the question of why people fail is exactly what is in this guys email…people refuse to step up and play big.

Can you imagine telling people you want to grow a successful business and yet when given the path you refuse to take the path? Is there ANY wonder why people fail?

Let His Smallness be Your Gain

Where are YOU making excuses? Where can YOU play bigger? What are the actions you KNOW you have to take for your life, family and business that you aren’t taking? Inside that coaching program I have had over 40 people create their first video and MANY of them have already recruited people and we aren’t even done! IF you are part of the Top Earner Success school, please comment below what your experiences have been since being in the group coaching.

Why People Fail

Here are what I believe are the two main reasons people fail:

1. They refuse to step up or play big. They play so small as to not attract attention or get out of their tiny comfort zone.

2. They focus on their circumstances rather than their goals. Instead of keeping their eyes on what they want to accomplish they focus on their existing circumstances and then wonder why things never change for them

I beg you, IF you learn anything from me, let it be NOT to do what everyone else does and BUCK the trends of the above 1 and 2. YOU can step up right now and play bigger. Focus on what you want and what you want will come closer to you the more you get out of your comfort zone.

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