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Our Numis Hawaii Trip - Turtles, Firedancers, Waterfalls

We had a blast on our Numis Hawaii trip, today is our last day but wanted to share some of the sights and videos of Hawaii with you all. Watch this very quick video that includes turtles, firedancers, hiddden waterfalls and some cool music too! We went to Hawaii for our Numis Hawaii team and had a blast with them too with a Super Saturday with training.

Numis Hawaii Team Is Rocking!

We headed off the mainland for our Numis Hawaii team as they have been rocking. We had a great crowd at our numis Hawaii super Saturday and actually sold about $20,000 worth of gold and silver coins but more importantly had a lot of fun! This is our second trip to Hawaii and honored to be working with so many cool people out there. We arrived a few days before the event so we had time to do a lot of stuff including: - Snorkeling with Sea Turtles - The Hilton Luau (the firedancers have performed for the white house) - Hiking into the rainforest and having fun with a totally hidden waterfall

Video: Having a blast in Hawaii!


Slideshow of our Numis Hawaii Trip

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