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Opinion: The Timing of
Network Marketing Companies


This should get some comments lol. This is my opinion on the best timing for network marketing companies and how people make big money.

Learning from my First Network Marketing Company..

When I joined my first (of many) network marketing companies, it was when the company was HOT. They were putting in 70,000-100,000 people per month and everywhere I looked I could spot another distributor. In my area alone you could not drive to the grocery store without seeing a car with a bumper sticker or wrap promoting the company. Sooo, what happened?

Well, I tried doing some non-conventional methods to building that was outside of what the company and upline wanted and I was chastised and even sent a cease and desist letter. After being humiliated publicly in a group meeting, I said to heck with it and quit. But, here is what I have noticed, years later. The people that got in with me or even a little before me that were making money, are barely making anything anymore. I saw people that were making a million a year are now making $1,000 a month! What the heck? Interesting right? The research goes on..

The BIG Earners in Most Network Marketing Companies

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results” – Tony Robbins

From interviewing a LOT of the big earners in other network marketing companies, and I mean those who have made millions over and over for YEARS, I started noticing a pattern. The pattern was, they got into a company early on, they faced a lot of challenges, they persevered, while others jumped ship they stayed put and the company eventually went through momentum and they benefited from that growth. Not one of them that I have interviewed got into a company when it was red hot and kept making big money for years, not one. Now, back to my first network marketing company, I have since met people who got into the company BEFORE it hit big, guess what? They are still making big money (one of them is making $40,000 per week).

Peter Drucker on Opportunity and Timing

So, based on my personal experiences and my research and interviews, I developed a formula for what I thought made sense if I were to become one of the highest paid earners in the network marketing industry. It wasn’t exact but it was a rough concept. Then, I hear all about a guy named Peter Drucker. Drucker (now deceased) wrote 30 books on business, management and opportunity timing. He has a set of points that he suggests are essential for the perfect opportunity. One of the points is to locate a company that is older than 2 years and less than $50 million a year in revenue. His thoughts actually fit with mine and I thought it just made so much sense.

Video: Timing of Network Marketing Opportunities

Here is the reality, some of you are NOT going to agree with or like my video. It points out a critical flaw made by most networkers. That part is NOT opinion, that is fact or more people would make money long term. By the way, I broke one of the rules that I talk about in the video and it worked out but it DIDN’T work out for me several times prior when I broke it. I also discuss two categories of network marketers and YOU will have to painfully choose which category you fall into. Please leave me your comments below as I would love to hear them.


To Your Abundance!

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