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Opinion: How to Motivate a Team

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Last night I got the question from two new people in my group, “Ray, I’d like to know how to motivate a team”. In this post I share my answer, which, may surprise you.

The Typical Scenario in Network Marketing

This is one of the most common scenario’s in network marketing. Someone joins a company, recruits 2,5, maybe even 20 people into their team. They get kudos from upline, maybe (if their company is small enough) they get recognition at the company level and then they switch. They stop doing what they were doing that was making them successful and they switch to management mode.

They switch to reading books on how to motivate a team and how to pump people up. They get up in a lifeguard chair and say things like “You can do it” and they focus on attempting to force their people to be as fired up as they were when they first joined. I have seen this over and over, it may even sound logical, but, it just does not work and even if it did, it is NOT smart business. Here’s why..

Unicorns, Rainbows and Motivating Your Team

Network Marketing is a volunteer army. Your team can (and will) decide if they want to work or not, you cannot force hunger inside of someone just like you cannot push someone up a ladder. Also, Network Marketing IS the shortcut and there is no shortcut to the shortcut. Network Marketing can help you achieve in 3 years what you simply cannot achieve in the corporate world in 40 years. Next job interview you go on just ask them how much residual income you can possibly earn to get my point.


Instead of Motivating Your Team…

Inspire them. Inspire them with your action. Do the things you want them to do but do the things you want them to do even if they don’t do them. Unless you have 20,000+ people in your personal team, you are NOT in a position to stop prospecting or recruiting. You HAVE to be willing to get your jersey dirty.

Last week my wife and I enrolled 4 new people into our team. We have been the top income earners in the company for over two years and with this company for three and a half years. We want everyone in our team to have success and in my opinion, the best way to do this, is do the types of actions that would inspire them to do what they need to do to build their business.

Clarification of How to Motivate a Team and How Not To

Just so there is no confusion. Staying focused on recruiting does NOT mean abandoning the support or helping of your team, it just means NOT managing them. There is a big difference between managing and leading and more people need to know that difference. Don’t ask your team to do things you are unwilling to do. Be an example. Live an inspired life for your team and the RIGHT ones will step up.

To Your Abundance!

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PS: Rest in Peace Zig Ziglar. You inspired so many people, including me, and the world is a better place because you were here. Thank You.

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