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Online Network Marketing: How I Started

online network marketing

When I first heard about online network marketing I was excited and wanted to learn all I could.

Watch this short video on some help with getting started and what I did that may just help you!

Convo on Facebook

The other day a popular trainer made a statement on Facebook in response to a thread that it’s B.S. that blogging daily will create success. I responded that it was what I did (along with other things) and it worked for me so I thought I would shoot a video sharing how YOU can get started without getting overwhelmed.

What I DIDN’T Understand When I Started with Online MLM

I didn’t do any pay per click when I started, I didn’t understand SEO or keywords, all I did, as detailed in the below video, is I started creating free content aimed at my target audience which was other network marketers. By the way, this doesn’t mean NOT to learn SEO, PPC, or whatever, I am just telling you my story. Knowing what I know now, I certainly could have done everything better but what I see a lot of is people wanted to know EVERYTHING before they ever get started, this is a huge mistake! Get started moving forward now and learn as you go.

Here are the Steps You Want to Consider

1. Identify your target market. Who ideally do you want to attract? Who can you speak to? Is it personal trainers, realtors, travel agents, other network marketers, who?

2. Identify their common problems, struggles and desires. This can be as simple as asking on social media or looking within yourself IF you are your target market.

3. Create content. The best is video (stay tuned as we are going to do a Basics of Video Marketing product soon) and the video will NOT be perfect. Shoot a video with something you read, learned that will help that target market.

4. Share your content. In the same Facebook conversation the trainer said how creating blogs without getting traffic to them is pointless, well, duh. Once you press publish on that blog or you finish that video, you don’t “Build it and they will come”, you need to get sharing! Share it on social media, teammates or people you know that may have an interest. A key part here of online network marketing is NOT to be addicted to the outcome. I share in the below video some of my stats in the beginning (they weren’t pretty)

5. And this is the step most trying to learn online MLM will skip…GO CREATE SOME LEADS! There are two categories of network marketing, passive marketing such as blogs, videos, etc and active prospecting. I didn’t sit around refreshing my screen waiting for leads to show up, I used online and offline tactics to go get the business WHILE that content built up and started attracting people to me. (if you need places to locate people to talk to, feel free to enter your name and email in the upper right hand corner for my free 29 sources of MLM leads)

DISCLAIMER: Some of my best leaders in my team don’t do ANYTHING online, if you are an offline rockstar, keep doing what is working!

Video: My Start with Online Network Marketing

Did that help you? If you have been struggling learning the online MLM game, hopefully the video and my steps helped you out. Feel free to comment and share if you got value and or if you liked Baxter being in my video =)

To Your Abundance!

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