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Online MLM Marketing –
Where to Start and How to Become Profitable


Boy, is there some confusion with this topic. The online MLM marketing scene is littered with the corpses of good marketers that simply got frustrated, overwhelmed or passed away from information overload. Watch this video and finally be free from all those petty reasons to not succeed.

Online MLM Marketing can be fun and easy

After first attempting to learn this industry in 2007 where I would watch one webinar that would contradict the one that occurred the night before and reading ebook after ebook just to realize all I was doing was creating more and more damn homework for me, I finally ditched it all and gave up on it, for awhile.

Later a guy I met in Plano, Texas showed me what I was doing wrong and as we shared a crappy ham sandwich at a bar across the street from the hotel we were hanging out at, it dawned on me that I was about to embark on something big.

What changed for me?

To be honest, I got laser focused on my goals and then fit MLM internet marketing into those goals rather than just arbitrarily learn an internet skill that I would then try to translate into a goal. Learning for learning sake is a deadly addition. Be sure you are spending time learning something for a very specific reason. You do that and also manage your time and you have a winning formula. I break it all down in great detail in the below video.

What is in this video that will help your online MLM marketing

You have heard the term “attraction marketing” but 90% of the things that “attract” will NOT get you compensated unless you have an income blueprint. In the below video I break down and share:

– Why I am fed up with most online mlm marketers
– Real strategies that actually work vs just the ones you are being spoonfed from the gurus
– Why what the guru’s are teaching do NOT pertain to those who have NOT built a large brand
– Why I use the systematic approach I do and why it can work for everyone (regardless of skill or talent)
– And I actually show some screenshots of the training I have done to help get me where I am and how you can too

NOTE: I did this video for my private online marketing team, you will notice I use some team verbiage in the video

Enjoy the video!


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