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Obstacles are Natural on the Path to Success

Too many people have been trained to focus on the wrong thing. Rather than focus on the things in life that would help them, serve them, and give them a better life, they focus on their need to be and feel right. You can typically be right or be happy and the same goes with being rich. When you have big goals, you are also going to have big challenges.

That Will Never Work!

If you are at all serious about building an online or a home based business, you will hear from different people that it is NOT going to work out for you. They will tell you how it’s a scam, a pyramid thingy or something that will never last. The funny thing is that well intentioned entrepreneurs will listen to some of these “I’m right” agitators even though they completely lack the type of lifestyle said entrepreneur desires. Does it make sense to take the advice of someone that does NOT lead the inspiring lifestyle that you desire?

When You Focus on What You Want, Obstacles Will Surface to Get You Into the Mindset That You Need to Have to Accomplish Those Goals

Re-read the above statement and embrace it. It is your mindset that will allow you to achieve everything. However, when you stretch toward goals that you have never accomplished, you may require mindset shifts to become the type of person that can handle that new goal. This may results in rough obstacles and challenges and it is right then and there where you determine your mental toughness. Let me give you a non-business example:

A few years ago I had been engaged to someone and we had broken it off. I went on a dating frenzy as I had not been single since I was 18 years old. It was getting pretty old but I didn’t think I was ready for another long term relationship. I had been invited to my friend Gabe’s wedding up in Michigan which I went to, alone. During the reception I started realizing how little of my life I had figured out and I got really depressed from thinking about how I was supposed to had been married by then. I left the reception early, not like me, and opened up a book that I had been meaning to read and on that very page it said that when you wanted something badly enough, you might suffer challenges to get your mindset in vibration with what you wanted. What did I really want? A great relationship as I just didn’t dig the single life. Being up in Michigan, at that precise time, by myself, was exactly what I needed to help me understand and prepare for a wonderful relationship which I now have with my fiance Jessica.

These challenges will happen if your goals are big enough. Do not think that all challenges go away with wealth and riches, if your goals are constantly adapting and changing, you will have all new challenges to look forward to. Keep handling those challenges, never quit not lose enthusiasm and you are well on your way to the life of your dreams!

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