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Numis Network:
UK Launch, Free Autoship and Cruise Contest

Income Check from June

Wow. A lot of things going on in my primary company, Numis Network. If you are a team member or looking at Numis, read on. This past weekend in Tampa they announced that we are launching in the UK on September 1st, now have a way to get free autoship, a brand new bonus called the Silver Eagle bonus and by the way, there’s a new cruise incentive!

Thanks Numis Nation!

I was recognized as the top income earner and the first and currently only ambassador, could not have done it without a really awesome team, thank to all of you who pulled hard and rolled up your sleeves and let’s keep rocking!

Numis Network Silver Eagle Bonus

There is a very cool new bonus that Numis announced called the Silver Eagle bonus. Here is how it works: If you recruit 2 executives in your first 30 days, you will have the ability to qualify for this bonus for the rest of your career in Numis network. Fail to recruit 2 in the first 30 days and you will NOT be able to earn this bonus until you hit 5 star director at which time you will then be able to earn this bonus again.

They are taking $30 from every executive that joins Numis and putting it into a pool (regardless of team). If you recruit two people in your first 7 days, you qualify to get 2 shares. If you recruit 2 in one week any other week than your first week, you get 1 share. If you recruit 1 exec on day 1 and one on day 29, you will be paid the Silver Eagle bonus on the week of the 29th and it will be one share. Numis estimates that one share could average between $150-$300! This is huge in that it allows anyone at any level to earn a share of the company. Every rep in Numis now has 30 days to get their two people (unless you are a 5 star director or higher at which you are grandfathered in) so lets get to work!

Jessica, top female income earner and top female recruiter

Yay to Jessica, my fiance!

Jessica was named the top female income earner and top female recruiter. I am so proud of her. I still recall when she was nervous to talk to her prospects in front of me and now she is constantly closing them while I listen on in glee.

Numis Network Cruise Contest

Yet again, Numis announced a cruise contest! You have the chance to win a 6 day cruise on Royal Caribbeans Jewel of the Seas! This contest, seriously, is EASY to qualify for! I love what they did with this. They offer all sorts of cabins so that you can win at least an interior cabin very easily (you don’t spend that much time in the rooms anyway). Here are the details:

The contest period runs from August 8th to October 16th. You will earn 4 points for every fast track collector kit you sell and 6 points for every accelerator you sell during this period. Here is the breakdown of how many points you need to win:

Inside Cabin for 1 person – 18 points (that could be 3 people with one accelerator!)
Inside Cabin for 2 people – 25 points
Outside Cabin for 2 people – 30 points
Balcony Cabin for 2 people – 40 points
Suite for 2 people – 60 points
Grand Suite for 2 people – 90 points

If you look at how looong this contest period is, this really is doable folks!

Marc Berman, Top Retailer

Congrats to Marc Berman (the Bermanator!)

Marc Berman came into Numis Network and showed us what was possible in the world of retailing gold and silver. His first 45 days he sold over $250,000 worth of MS-70 Silver coins at retail earning him over $28,000 in commissions. He is known, as the Bermanator!)

Erwin & Eva McKen wins Shining Star Award

Was there any doubt who this years Shining Star award would go to? Erwin and Eva, the thunder and lightning duo, snatched up the Shining Star award for their excellent leadership. The shining star award is given out once a year to the person(s) that demonstrated great leadership. I was the recipient of the first one and my sponsor Chris Paraldi won the second. You rock McKens!

Rob Fore – Rookie of the Year!

My man Rob Fore got rookie of the year for putting in 32 executives his first month, dude is freaking awesome!

David Wood – Top Recruiter

Madman from Costa Rica, David Wood, maintained his title as the top recruiter despite his never picking up the phone, lol. He’s awesome. He thanked me on stage for talking to his team, lol.

Numis Network to Launch in the UK!

Oh yeah, prepare for the revolution! I cannot wait to head over to Europe and build this thing like crazy. I have soooo many people on my list in the UK that have been begging to get going with Numis and it all is gonna start on September 1st!

September 1st we are going to start the pre-launch and then the official launch will be on November 1st. If you are in the UK or know someone who is, you will be able to grab your spot in Numis on September 1st. More to come on this =).

Like Free Autoship?

Numis announced it’s “Refer Three Get Yours Free” Silver coin of the month program. If you bring in 3 RETAIL customers (not executives) you get your autoship for free! Here is the cool part, other companies make you get new customers every month to get your product for free, with Numis Network, so long as you have 3 people buying the coin of the month as a retail customer, you get your coin for free! By the way, if you refer 6, you get TWO COINS for free and so on and so forth. Frigging awesome!

Congrats to all the new ranks achieved by Numis Nation, too many to list here but most notably Olu and Rosolyn, Brand new 5 star directors! If you wanna learn more about Numis Network you can contact me at [email protected]

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Ray Higdon

Image: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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