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Numis Network Party and Gold and Silver Specials

Tuesday, December 13th, Numis Network, my primary company (a gold and silver MLM), is having their holiday party and we are headed to Tampa in a cool stretched hummer. However, there is something cool about Tuesday night, they are going to have Mike Mezack there with some holiday specials on numis gold and silver coins that you can check out if you like.

But I love my company, I am not interested in Numis Network!

If you are reading this post and are NOT in my company, that is totally cool but you might want to check out the live stream we are doing at 8pm est on Tuesday, December 13th. Mike Mezack, the number one salesman of gold and silver coins in the world, will be doing a Holiday special series on Numis gold and silver graded coins. These might be the perfect gifts for the person that is hard to shop for. Mike Mezack is the featured coin dude on Home Shopping Network and just last week had over 1 million in sales, in under 60 minutes! Again, you do NOT have to be interested in making money from home with gold and silver to participate, you can actually join us on the live stream and see the holiday specials at 8pm est on this link.

I live in Florida and would like to meet you and enjoy some free food!

So, if you actually live in Florida and would like to come hang out with me live (and eat some yummy free food), join us at the
Doubletree Hotel
4500 West Cypress Street
Tampa, FL 33607
Reception starts at 6pm est, my training is at 7pm and the holiday specials are at 8pm est.

I am actually interested in Numis Network

Listen, if you are not 100% satisfied with the leadership in your company and the training, perhaps you want to take a look at what so many other great marketers have decided to join. At 7pm est on December 13th, on this link, you can see me present Numis Network and share why I chose this company over all the thousands of others I could have chosen to make a home with. By the way, if you watch the 7pm est training I am doing and decide that Numis and I are a fit for you, you can join my team here. If you ARE 100% satisfied with your company and leadership, just skip the 7pm est and catch the 8pm est Holiday Special Sale.

How to buy the Holiday Specials on Numis Gold and Silver Coins

At 8pm est, Mike Mezack will be showcasing the holiday specials. The only way to purchase these specials is through a replicated site of a Numis Network member. You can buy the specials (for a limited time and only after 8pm est on Tuesday) on my shopnumis site. (Just look for the Holiday Specials category)

The coins will get to you before Christmas and will certainly make someone a nice gift. I can guarantee you this, they will NOT be regifted and no one you know has too much gold or silver. =)

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