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**Warning: I post value almost on a daily basis, this blog post is about my primary company, if you are really, really happy with your primary company and your upline is awesome and treats you fantastically, you may not need to read this post

Numis Network has Opened Their Doors in Australia

Huge update from Numis Network, the gold and silver MLM out of Tampa, announcing that for a very limited time, Australians can grab a spot with Numis Network for absolutely no charge. Right now the Numis Network is in pre-enrollment phase so you don’t even need to enter a credit card. Numis also announced a brand new incentive trip to Cancun and we will cover the details in this post.

Australia and the Numis Network

So, for a limited time, any Australian can grab your spot in the binary without entering a credit card or paying anything. The benefit to this, if done during this promotion, is you can get a bunch of people onboard in your team so that when the company does launch, you can step into an already built team. The excitement around Numis launching in Australia has been so big that there were 8 aussies at our recent Numis convention in Orlando, Florida. Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world in regards to the purchase of gold and silver coins and already a huge number of Australians have grabbed their spot. I recently leaked to a few people that we were opening up there and there was a lot of anticipation.

Brand New Incentive Trip Announced: All Inclusive Trip to Cancun!

The last incentive trip was a 5 day cruise where we had 206 people on the boat! The Numis Network loves to make incentive trips easy to hit but also make them really cool and have a tiered winning approach. Meaning, recruit a few, get decent accommodations, recruit a lot, get amazing accommodations. The goal is certainly to reward the superstars but also get some people to win that may never had won trips from a MLM company before.

The Details of the Cancun Numis Trip

The contest started February 11th and runs until April 29th (a very long period of time to qualify) and you can win the trip for only recruiting 4 people at the executive level! That is the easiest I have ever seen to win an incentive trip. The trip is a 4 day, 3 night, all inclusive trip to an amazing resort in Cancun.

Wanna Work Directly With Me and Join Me in Cancun?

So I am pretty excited about the Australian launch and the brand new incentive trip so let me offer..an incentive. As I want to win the top prize for the Cancun trip, and help a bunch of people win it too, anyone that decides to join me in Numis is going to get 4 weeks of one on one personal coaching with me so we can help you win the trip as well. It would not be OK for me to say you will without a doubt win the trip to Cancun but I can tell you working directly with me will greatly increase your chances. You can join my team and get my 4 weeks of coaching, a bonus private video of me speaking at my house at a VIP party and get my exclusive fast start training by joining at this site – Join Ray’s Team

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