top earner marketing bootcampTop Earner Marketing Bootcamp is the premiere event that teaches network marketers and business owners how to use today’s technology to attract more people to them and their business.

Here are my notes from day one!

Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp

My wife and I started this event to really help the network marketing profession with finally learning proper, effective and non-harmful marketing. For far too long network marketers have furthered the stigma of the profession by doing hypey, non-effective marketing and this is where we whip people in shape to STOP doing all the terrible marketing and actually conduct themselves in ways that will HELP them AND not hurt the profession.

Yesterday I went around the room and asked where people came from and we have people in the event from Singapore, Ireland, Turks and Caicos, UK, all over Canada and it is just awesome to see so many serious about learning proper marketing.

My wife and I used online marketing to become the number one income earners in a network marketing company a couple years ago and we LOVE teaching others how to use marketing to build their business. There are always people from other niches in our marketing events and the information we share certainly does apply to ANY niche or profession.

My Notes from Day One

NOTE: If you want to see some cool notes and meet some of our attendees, just go to social media and search for #temb, I think yesterday there were over 100 videos uploaded of people sharing their takeaways, pretty darn cool!

  1. We believe it is intellectually lazy NOT to learn marketing. If you are just chasing others, buying leads or cold calling and that is your only plan for the future, you have just been intellectually lazy and you MAY consider learning marketing to master the art of getting people to come to you.
  2. Although we are huge fans of learning marketing, we constantly educate everyone that marketing does not happen overnight and that especially in the beginning you NEED to keep prospecting and doing whatever you had been doing to drive sales. My first six months of marketing I spent way more time prospecting than actually marketing while leads started coming in.
  3. You don’t need to be an expert or have big results to start marketing or blogging. When you focus on education you realize that there are a lot of people out there that need educated whether it be on health and wellness, network marketing, skin care, whatever.
  4. We teach ILT, Invest, Learn, Teach. This allows you to transform the notes that you take from seminars, courses and coaches into usable online content to attract those looking for education in your marketplace.
  5. Gave out this quote yesterday – “The Best way to build an audience, become an authority, and make lots of money is to Out-Teach your Competition through Free Content. – Ray Higdon
  6. Video is our favorite type of content as it connects you deepest with viewers. Video blogging is our favorite long term strategy and Live streaming (Periscope/FB Live) is our favorite short term strategy.
  7. Building an email list is like cheating, it really is like having your own money printing press.
  8. Most people were raised to be negative about money or just weren’t taught anything about making money. That can be reversed but it takes effort typically.
  9. The common saying “Health/Family is more important than money” mildly indicates that you cannot have it all, you can.
  10. The common saying “Money can’t buy you happiness” indicates that perhaps poverty increases the chances of being happy, it doesn’t.
  11. I shared this though at the event: “I used to say that money was a reflection of how many people you were impacting but it is really How many people are you impacting AND how strong is your system to help them further?”

OK, so, these are just some of my thoughts from Day one of the Top Earner Marketing Bootcamp, we have some seriously awesome people in this sold out event and if you are here with us this weekend feel free to drop me a comment below on what you are loving so far and if you are NOT with us this weekend, let me know if you got value from my notes and if I should do notes each day

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