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New to Network Marketing Training


Are you new to network marketing or know someone who is?

This short video could help you avoid the common and costly mistakes that MOST people new to network marketing make.

Even Veterans Might Want to Watch This

Even though this is titled for those new to network marketing, chances are if you have been in network marketing for years and do not have the results you would like to have, you too might be making some of these mistakes and the suggestions in the below video could greatly help you.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up About It

There’s a good chance that at least ONE thing I talk about in the below video is something you have done. Don’t beat yourself up, we were all there at one time and almost everyone made the same set of mistakes of everyone else. Learn, grow and laugh at the tactics you used in the past, no worries!

Why This Topic is Important To Me

Some of you read my vision post a few days ago and I really believe that ALL network marketers need to be better trained, especially in the beginning, for what to do and also what not to do. IF we are going to band together to raise the conversation level in this profession, it needs to start with those new to network marketing and the quality of training they receive.

Quick New to Network Marketing Training

Was that helpful? Don’t be a broke Bobbie and don’t let your teams prospect people in a terrible way! IF you agree with what I have in the video feel free to share with your teammates or those you know that just entered the profession. Let’s all work together to eradicate the crappy prospecting of others!

Feel free to leave your comment below, it’s always appreciated =)

To Your Abundance!

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