network marketing trainingHow do you start in a brand new area if your upline is far away?

In this network marketing training I share exactly how to crush it in your company with absolutely no upline support.

How To Start In A Brand New Area With No Upline Support

A great upline is a really nice bonus. It’s not a requirement.

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In the company that my wife and I became the number one incomers, my sponsor quit, his sponsor quit, and I think his sponsor quit. Three generations of people quit above me and we became the number one incomers. A good upline is certainly NOT a requirement.

My suggestion would be don’t require it.


Now, if you have a great upline, awesome.

We supported people all over the world. When we were growing our team, we had teams in Australia, we had teams in London, we had teams in Manchester, we had teams all over. I can’t remember all the countries, but we had a lot people in different areas. And, we would support them through Skype, Facebook groups and different things.

If you say, “I have to have an upline and they have to be local to me,” then you are disabled. (No disrespect to the word.) But it means you’ve disabled yourself as an entrepreneur. You’ve disabled yourself as a network marketer.

If you have a good upline, awesome. If you have a good upline in your local area, wow, you hit the upline lotto! It’s pretty rare for it to happen.

If you go and interview the top earners of any company, very few of them have a great upline. I’m not ruling it out. We’ve coached probably 20 to 25 people making a million dollars a year, or more in network marketing. VERY few of them had a great upline.

Network Marketing Training:

We wanted to empower the individual to be able to do a good enough job to close most open prospects. In this network marketing training below, I talk about how to be a good upline and exactly what you can do to equip your teammates to become all star producers.

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