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Network Marketing Training and Your New Rep


Do you want to help your brand new rep? Learn these three suggestions to get the most out of them in this short network marketing training.

Watch this short video to learn my three suggestions when it comes to training your new recruit.

Want to Build a Team?

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Common Network Marketing Training Woes

One of the biggest network marketing training mistakes is having a new rep learn EVERYTHING when they first start. This is always overwhelming and a mistake. You may have heard that ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice and that is absolutely true.

Many of the people that I have seen have fast success inside this profession started way before they knew the compensation plan or hardly anything about the product, they were just excited. IF you can get someone in action right away, that is a very smart move.

The Three Suggestions for Your New Reps

Was this beneficial? Feel free to share and comment below! Keep in mind you are almost always going to want more success for your new rep than they will, just be careful to not attach your success to theirs. You cannot make someone hungry for success until they truly want it and you should avoid beating yourself up if they just aren’t taking action toward their goals. I’ve had people in my team for two full years before they did anything so know anyone can wake up at any point and get to work, believe in them, have their back but also keep doing what YOU need to do to build your business and you just might inspire them to start rocking!

To Your Abundance!

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