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Network Marketing Tips: Running a Team Contest


Today I share three network marketing tips around running a team contest.

IF you want to get some momentum going in your team, follow my tips around a team contest and watch them soar!

The Importance of the Holidays

Yesterday I talked about the importance of the holidays in regards to network marketing success. In this video I talked about running a team contest and many people asked me for advice on a team contest which is where this post came from!

The Biggest Suggestion about Running a Team Contest or Contests

The biggest goal should NOT be to get one person to do a lot, it should be to get a bunch of people to do a little. I explain why and how in the below video, these are my very best network marketing tips in regards to team contests, make sure after you watch the video below to leave me your feedback in the comments.

Video: 3 Network Marketing Tips Around Contests

By the way, IF you want to develop your leadership skills (which, hopefully you do), this is my favorite book on Leadership that I highly suggest you get a copy of in case you don’t. IF you currently don’t have a following nor a team, you need to develop your leadership and that book will help.

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