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Network Marketing Tips: Running Home Meetings

Network Marketing Tips

This video is full of my very best network marketing tips for running home meetings.

IF you want to see more performance from your home meetings, this will help.

Should You Even Bother with Local Meetings?

As those that have been following me for any length of time know, my wife and I certainly teach online marketing and prospecting strategies to help people recruit more reps, get more leads and become top earners. However, one of the very best source of retention and growth is building locally.

My wife has been following her own training with local prospecting and has had 5 “coffee meetings” and done two home meetings already this week and has been crushing it.

IF you do not want to run home meetings, at least don’t bash it as you turn off almost all legitimate network marketers when you do that and you just never know who might be considering joining your team.

IF you want to learn all of my network marketing tips around home meetings, watch the video below and you might read this post as well.

Video: My Best Network Marketing Tips for Home Meetings

Was that helpful? IF you run home meetings or wish your team were running them, you might want to share this with them to help them make them more effective. Although my network marketing tips were VERY simple to follow in the video, I have seen MANY network marketers violate one of more of those rules. Comment below if you got value and if you did want to take advantage of my special sale on my Recruiting Mastery webinar, click here. Feel free to share this video with anyone you know that might benefit.

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