mindset-squareToday you are going to learn network marketing tips to help you improve your mindset.

If you don’t think you need mindset training, just look at your results, that is the true indicator of your level of mindset.

THE Most Needed Network Marketing Tips are…

Around mindset. Everyone wants to know what to say, where to find people, what marketing strategies work but the truth is NONE of that matters unless you have your mind right.

Today you will get your mind right, excited? Let’s go!

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Network Marketing Success Starts with Your Mindset

Someone asked, “How do you improve your mindset on a daily basis?”

What I’ve observed is, at a network marketing event, or in a workshop, or on a webinar, or in certain Facebook communities, people show up, and they’re excited, they’re fired up, they’re positive. They’re great people to be around, but they show up very differently to the rest of the world. I’ve seen people that you see them at an event or whatever, nicest, most positive person, and then you see them somewhere that is maybe an unexpected meeting, and they’re yelling at their waiter or waitress, or they’re being mean to their spouse.

Congruency; improving your mindset doesn’t mean improving your mindset while you are on free coaching Friday. It’s pretty easy to be upbeat and positive in this kind of environment, or in a network marketing company convention, or at a workshop, or at a seminar, or on a webinar. That’s pretty simple, because it’s not the real world. The real world is when you’re stuck in traffic. The real world is when you open up the fridge and something falls out and breaks on the floor. The real world is when someone is super mean to you.

The biggest thing that I would suggest that you monitor is the amount of time that you spend down.

When you are in full negative mode, you are unable to see your goals. You can’t see them. You can’t. You cannot see your goals, period. It isn’t enough for you to only be positive and awesome when you’re at your network marketing company convention. That is not enough. You need to work on your daily mindset, period. The next time I want you to create a psychological trigger.

Maybe you think that I just came out of the womb, and I’m just like, “Whatever.” No. Guys, I’ve been the worst of the worst. I was the negative guy. I was cynical, skeptical. The only difference is, I’ve been working at it longer than most people. That’s the difference, and I’ve surrounded myself with mentors. I’ve invested in my education, time, and money, to get better constantly.

How tight are your expectations? How easily do you get frustrated, disappointed, overwhelmed, stressed out, angry? That’s dictating your mindset. These things are going to happen. You’re going to drop eggs. You’re going to drop your coffee. You’re going to spill water. You’re going to go to get up on stage and trip and fall down. These things will happen. It’s the length of time you spend down that is the most important thing for your life.

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